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  1. King or Queen?

    #414952012-10-29 09:30:53 *El_Melon said:

    Good day to you, my fine bitches. As now, the official colorless King and Queen election is now over. The winners are Gorox and Ecstasy. Now all that's left is to decide their genders. Whoever receives the most votes shall be dubbed Queen. I conjunction, whoever receives the least votes shall be dubbed King. This poll shall be open for one week only, and will close on Monday the fifth of November. Have fun.

  2. #415152012-10-29 19:48:30 *SENsei said:

    I like Ecstasy, but if my dick could be cut off (it can't), I'd do it before I'd bow to her.

    I dunno who the flying demon's cock Gorox is, so that speaks for itself.

  3. #415172012-10-29 22:11:37Ecstasy said:

    @SENsei you don't have to worry, I visit CL so often now that you are having really low chances to see me online. So take care of your dick ♥

    @sogeking we are just dominant by nature.

    And just wanted to mention that I disapprove of someone using alts to change the voting. Not that I have any doubts that 90 users have voted for my royal ass, I must have just underestimated the number of people stalking me.

  4. #415362012-10-30 08:10:42jkripper123 said:

    I dont no either of these guys but i dont know what gorox is and since ecstasy blood and ice water are the only things flowing through my veins i guess thats my choice :D

  5. #415772012-10-30 17:15:42 *Dec said:

    Again, this is a prime example of how this site amuses me. I hope you are both proud of being dominated and chosen to be the royal faggo- whoops, I mean't congrats. :v

  6. #416012012-10-31 01:03:28 *Spades said:

    I gotta say, I'm actually kinda disappointed that my black counterpart did not win.


    Who is Gorox?

  7. #416202012-10-31 04:37:18 *Mau said:

    I'm starting to think Gorox is a dummy account a bunch people made and voted for in the hopes of having somebody nobody knew about win just for the hell of it.