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Dog Days (Anime)

  1. #235442012-04-25 16:45:50animeftw said:

    random video comparing the BD and TV version now on the hunt for this 1 ep to see on blue-ray(i saw the TVver and didnt know there was a blue-ray) as well as this song

  2. #235832012-04-25 20:03:34ImagineBreaker said:

    My favourite Milhi song so far~ Clearly DD2 will have more XD It's like Nanoha all over again!! You only realise how bad the TV version looked after seeing the BD

    Chances of importing the DD BDs: 70%

    Speaking of DD both good and bad news

  3. #236202012-04-25 23:56:55animeftw said:

    same as well, i do wish the series was licensed to at least be able to watch with subs and there have been only 5 animes i would ever buy on blue-ray from JPN w/o subs just becuase i want it Index Railgun the Nanoha Movie Dogs Days (newly added) Persona 4 the Anmation (even if after ep 23 the show went down hll for me from there) wat are down sides from switching directors? any examples?

  4. #236982012-04-26 10:35:59ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw Dog Days was licensed by Sentai a while back. Well you could get the Nanoha Movie and Dog Days anyway, they're subbed after all :3

    P4A went downhill? I quite liked it. Looking forward to the True Ending XD

    No real downside to changing directors. Nanoha got awesome once Shinbo left. It's just....he's what made Nanoha amazing so I was hoping he'd continue with DD.

    @break the difference is big, yet strangely enough like with A's and Strikers I didn't really notice the faults. Though the "cool your head" scene had a great impact in the TV version. In the DVD she's more sad then psycho, I prefer it but still.

  5. #239452012-04-27 23:35:27break said:

    hah yeah,true.. well i never saw the TV version of nanoha though XD i hope they animate a new story for nanoha soon though~ (i think vivid is not really fit for nsimation due to the pacing, and Force is upating very slowly so there may nto be enough material; but they could do a new original story for a new animeseason, there are many years time between strikers, vivid, and force after all.

  6. #240432012-04-28 10:14:15break said:

    well i actually just meant soemthing in between the 5 year gap between StrikerS and Vivid/ Force but your idea is aweosme too! really, somethign focusing on the period between A's and StrikerS would be aweosmetastic!

  7. #242692012-04-30 10:40:12break said:

    there is so much good stuff this season that i cant decide whihc oens to keep! im already intent on keeping fate zero (of course), accel world, tasogare otome x amnesia, sankarea, zombie desu ka 2, sakamichi no apollon, tsuritama and maybe eureka seven ao on my HDD ^^