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Dog Days (Anime)

  1. #235442012-04-25 16:45:50animeftw said:

    random video comparing the BD and TV version now on the hunt for this 1 ep to see on blue-ray(i saw the TVver and didnt know there was a blue-ray) as well as this song

  2. #236202012-04-25 23:56:55animeftw said:

    same as well, i do wish the series was licensed to at least be able to watch with subs and there have been only 5 animes i would ever buy on blue-ray from JPN w/o subs just becuase i want it Index Railgun the Nanoha Movie Dogs Days (newly added) Persona 4 the Anmation (even if after ep 23 the show went down hll for me from there) wat are down sides from switching directors? any examples?

  3. #236982012-04-26 10:35:59ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw Dog Days was licensed by Sentai a while back. Well you could get the Nanoha Movie and Dog Days anyway, they're subbed after all :3

    P4A went downhill? I quite liked it. Looking forward to the True Ending XD

    No real downside to changing directors. Nanoha got awesome once Shinbo left. It's just....he's what made Nanoha amazing so I was hoping he'd continue with DD.

    @break the difference is big, yet strangely enough like with A's and Strikers I didn't really notice the faults. Though the "cool your head" scene had a great impact in the TV version. In the DVD she's more sad then psycho, I prefer it but still.

  4. #239452012-04-27 23:35:27break said:

    hah yeah,true.. well i never saw the TV version of nanoha though XD i hope they animate a new story for nanoha soon though~ (i think vivid is not really fit for nsimation due to the pacing, and Force is upating very slowly so there may nto be enough material; but they could do a new original story for a new animeseason, there are many years time between strikers, vivid, and force after all.

  5. #240432012-04-28 10:14:15break said:

    well i actually just meant soemthing in between the 5 year gap between StrikerS and Vivid/ Force but your idea is aweosme too! really, somethign focusing on the period between A's and StrikerS would be aweosmetastic!

  6. #242692012-04-30 10:40:12break said:

    there is so much good stuff this season that i cant decide whihc oens to keep! im already intent on keeping fate zero (of course), accel world, tasogare otome x amnesia, sankarea, zombie desu ka 2, sakamichi no apollon, tsuritama and maybe eureka seven ao on my HDD ^^