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  1. Learn to Play: LEAGUE OF LEGENDS

    #457892012-12-30 07:04:06Trev said:

    Slightly older video but most everything is still very, very applicable. If you've never played League or if you sucked hard at your first attempt, watch this video.

    Also: If you're not playing League yet, please put Trevatos in as your referring summoner. It will automatically add me to your friends list and I'll get free influence points.

  2. #457962012-12-30 15:33:18AnimeShifter said:

    If anyone needs assistance I can help. I play on EUW mainly with IGN: AnimeShifter. Also I have a smurf acc in EUNE with IGN: Dark Nezumi. I don't really go to EUNE but feel free to PM me.

  3. #458132012-12-30 21:58:19deng said:

    I play in EUW, BOSS JANNA REPORTING FOR DUTY! My back is currently carrying Animeshifter, Nickname is: Selveria Bless. My advice is to play this game ignoring what everybody is saying. Some of my best games have been when I mute everybody at the start of the game, or trash talk the whole way.

  4. #458152012-12-30 22:16:59AnimeShifter said:

    You don't even have to mute ppl. JUST BE A BOSS AND GO WIN THOSE GAMES. Also, sorry, you have to carry me most of the time unless I get a good start. QQ GG WP

  5. #458332012-12-31 06:51:45Blacklight said:

    Oh I play constantly! IGN: Iceamx on NA the best advice I can give you is to FARM THOSE MINIONS BRO. and WARD EVERYTHAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG

    also, playing with friends better than you will get your ass kicked, but you'll learn and pubstomp when you play against people the game deems to be on your same "skill level"

  6. #458612012-12-31 15:07:08deng said:

    Btw, if you have already made an account you can't give referrals to nobody. I've been trying to get my EUNA acc referral to my EUw one, never found how.

  7. #459322013-01-01 12:19:54RenPikaaa said:

    I play LoL, IGN: RenPikaaa. Best advice i can give you is learn everything from experience. Ive have over 2000 games of experience ._. And thats not over exaggerating