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The Colorless AMV Contest! (Recruiting Judges!)

  1. #330322012-07-12 08:33:26 *break said:

    i will sonn have time to get goign with my AMV already, however im facing the problems of, well, me only having the videosfiles i need in 10-bit. @n1xx suggested reencodign those, but sicne that would lead to loss of quality and would liekly take days too, i would be very thankful if someoen could lead me to a source to get raws or well-seeded torrents for raws for Kore ha Zombie desu ka and Sankarea, possibly also HOTD.

    oh, and sicne im here already, id liek to formally ask @n1xx for a longer deadline in the thread again^^ thanks

  2. #330372012-07-12 09:26:56 *n1xx said:

    @break Concerning Sankarea and the second season of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka(...of the Dead), I have searched upon NyaaTorrents, which is generally a very renowned source for healthy anime RAWs, and have come across well-seeded torrents for both. Of course, the peers are not as many as you would find them on the day of an episode's release, but there are quite a few with 30-80 seeders.

    Now referring to High School of the Dead and the first season of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka, I strongly suggest acquiring pack-releases of these, on known websites, and simply stripping the subtitles out of the videos, by using simple encoding without any quality loss. Considering that both those series have been released since a year or two, RAWs for these are unfortunately not very well-seeded, which is why I recommend aiming for popular MKV packs and removing the subtitles afterwards. Furthermore, both of these are sure to only be in 8-bit.

    I unfortunately cannot supply direct links on the board, due to formally encouraging that the anime industry be supported as much as possible, in a legal manner. However, you are free to send me a private-message in regards to this, if ever you do feel the need to do so.

    About the deadline extension, I can confirm that it will in fact occur. It will be extended for a duration possibly between one to three weeks. Do not worry for the moment though, as it will be announced during the week of the 23rd of July, at the latest. ;>

  3. #331412012-07-13 08:57:00Rommel175 said:

    @break, you might like this...that little teaser i made for my AMV entry is for a German song, so I'm voicing a new story to coincide with the anime Higurashi. IN GERMAN!! it's pretty much an abridged AMV, and i'm doing this because my last 2 were impossible for you to see, and i like yur face♥

  4. #342372012-07-27 03:13:51 *n1xx said:

    Deadline - Extended

    Greetings to all participants and watchers!

    As suggestions have been reviewed during the last few weeks, it has become apparent that an extension to the deadline is very much in favor. As a result, by tracing the average of what has been asked, we shall proceed on making it a three-week extension!

    This shifts the deadline to Friday, August the 17th.

    If ever, by reviewing your schedules, you may notice that this date is not in your favor, please send a notification as soon as it may be possible.

    Thank you for participating in The Colorless AMV Contest and wanting to make it a great success, once again! Best of luck to all! ;>

  5. #342412012-07-27 05:53:40Rommel175 said:

    i need to pull out of this, my AMV was really ambitious, rather long more, than 6:00, and i have a two week commitment comming up, legally i can't say what, but that's a thing. and I'll be gone during the end, and i have no time between now and when i leave.

    @break, do not get discouraged, i will still make it. and i will site you in it♥

    @Nixx i will return shortly after the 17th, and if you need a judge, I'm open

  6. #343052012-07-28 16:55:07n1xx said:


    my AMV was really ambitious, rather long more, than 6:00

    The suggested duration for participating AMVs is still at a testing stage. It is still not too late to suggest another limit(within reason) that could still encourage participation. In other words, it may be definitely certain that we can come to an agreement, concerning this. :>

    This is also directed at all participants. Suggestions for rule/judging changes are still welcome!

    i will return shortly after the 17th, and if you need a judge, I'm open

    It would be an honor to have you as a judge!

    Alternatively though, an extra week can be given for you to finish up your AMV. In other words, I can move the deadline to August 24th if it is truly in your interest, and time, to submit an entry for this round.

    You know best and I shall let you decide, as a result. ;3

  7. #343332012-07-29 02:47:52 *Rommel175 said:

    @N1xxno, other people should not be encumbered because of me. I'll gladly take a judging role tho. and i would love to propose a possible theme for the next contest "BLOOD" i think it stands for itself.

    as for the 6 minute length issue, that's not an issue, and it was my choice to make it that long. And, personally, i think 6 minutes is a decent max length. much longer than that would be ludicrous

  8. #343342012-07-29 03:01:15 *n1xx said:

    @Rommel175: I absolutely respect your decision and welcome you with open arms as one of our judges for this round!

    Shortly after the deadline, you will be receiving more information about judging procedures, via private-message. ;>

    i would love to propose a possible theme for the next contest "BLOOD" i think it stands for itself.

    Ah, what an interesting suggestion indeed! I shall add it to the list of potential themes for the following rounds. :]

  9. #358162012-08-14 06:51:23 *n1xx said:


    Greetings to all participants and watchers!

    As we close in on the deadline date, it's finally time to add a few final precisions before proceeding with the evaluations.

    Submissions & Extensions

    As a friendly reminder, the submission cycle is scheduled to end this Friday, on the 17th of August, at 11:59 PM, Eastern Time.

    I strongly recommend that any necessary extra time that any of the editors would need to complete their submission, should be requested as soon as possible. Furthermore, the request can be sent via private-message, or even mentioned in this thread, without any problem at all.

    Compensation Prizes

    In the situation where not enough entries have been submitted in this round, compensation prizes will be given to those who have tried their best and have worked hard to submit an original entry.

    The compensation system has been reviewed, since the last round, and has changed to the specific details mentioned below.

    A round is eligible for compensation when it receives only one video as an entry. Not being able to compete with anyone, the editor will at least be rewarded, in some way, for his efforts on the supplied submission.

    As a result, the compensation prize is a $50 J-List Gift Certificate, which corresponds to $10 less than for a First Place winner, which seems reasonable, considering the circumstances. Following the same idea, the worth of compensation prizes may vary in potential following rounds and will be fairly announced at the beginning of each submission cycle.

    If a round obtains only two submissions, only the Top 2 Prizes remain official. In other words, the J-List Gift Certificates amounts will be distributed according to the following enumeration:

    • 1st Place: $60
    • 2nd Place: $40

    Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated about this particular decision. If ever additional ideas of fair compensation arise, please do not hesitate to share them in this thread.

    Recruiting Judges

    As it was done in the third round, members of the community are invited to join the Judge Panel. All who wish to join are invited to send me a private message. However, if one is unfamiliar with the voting process, it is strongly recommended to read the following information, before applying.

    The panel will be consisted of a maximum of ten members. It is important to note that certain small restrictions apply.

    • Being a member of this website, for at least one month.
    • Not participating as a video-editor, for the current round.

    Furthermore, a judge in this contest will be asked to evaluate all AMVs, based on the following criteria.

    (This information is also available on the first page of this thread.)

    1. Synchronization(/10): The grade is given based on the editor's ability to have properly timed the audio track with the events in the video.

    2. Rendering(/10): This is somewhat like evaluating the overall quality of the AMV, but by only considering the final scaling. As an example, if the frames appear stretched or if the resolution changes from one scene to another, points will be removed.

    3. Theme Representation(/10): A forbidden love is the objective of this round. Evaluations will be based on how well it is clearly shown that the general relationship between the individuals cannot be. Are they related, as in, from the same family? Is one the student and the other his/her teacher? Are they of the same gender or from rival families? It is also important to keep in mind that the taboo must be felt, even by those who have not watched the selected series.

    4. Originality(/10): As the title says it, this category gives freedom to the evaluators, in what concerns their views on the originality of an AMV. Points will mostly be given out, based on never-before-seen content.

    As it can be deductible by reading the information above, members of the Judge Panel will be evaluating all entries by giving a personal grade between 0 and 10, for each judging criteria. An average will then be calculated by them at the end, which will determine each and every judge's Top 3 choices. Furthermore, a sentence or two is recommended to explain the reasoning behind the given evaluation and to potentially offer constructive improvement possibilities.

    Ideally, seven days are given, after the deadline, for the judges to post their evaluations in the contest thread. However, as it was done with last round's judging, extensions of a few days, or hours, can be given, according to the judges' availabilities.

    On a final note, I wish courage and perseverance to all of the current round's participants! It would indeed be pleasant to have the opportunity of viewing more entries. :D

  10. #359222012-08-15 05:59:02Lotto said:

    o shit there was another amv contest O.o. Umm maybe if i got time between class ill try to make one !

  11. #359262012-08-15 06:24:31n1xx said:

    @Lotto: Indeed there is! In all actuality, rounds will be renewed as long as there are still members who are willing to participate. ;3

    And I truly hope that you will make it in time by this Friday! I'm a big fan of your editing style. <3

  12. #359352012-08-15 06:51:13Lotto said:

    @n1xx :), ill try to make it. I had to move in QC city :S and since iv started this program all my energy is kinda focus on it XD.

  13. #359412012-08-15 07:04:41n1xx said:

    @Lotto: Of course, school is the priority! Please issue a submission only if you have the free time to do so. ;3

    Good luck with your new study program and I wish you much success! n_n