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The Colorless AMV Contest! (Recruiting Judges!)

  1. #197112012-03-25 15:43:52Noodle said:

    My computer's power supply fan stopped working and for some reason I didn't notice. Both my harddrives died and most of my stuff is gone. I've run into more problems than that though. Not being able to download anything is one of them. I doubt I'll mae the deadline. I'll try though. Sorry.

  2. #198092012-03-26 06:13:22break said:

    guwah! im busy now, but aroudn the week of eastern, i have about a week anbd a few days completely free so ill do it all then!

  3. #210562012-04-06 07:58:42Akidzuki said:

    It looks like I won't be able to finish this one, despite of the new deadline. I've ran into some really annoying technical problems. Also, the final examinations are getting closer, and though I really wanted to finish this amv, school is still the priority. :/

    I wish good luck to the remaining contestants! :)

  4. #214492012-04-10 09:12:31 *n1xx said:

    Five Days Left!

    Greetings to all! As we approach the deadline for the third round of this contest, clarifications will be made about short possible extensions for the remaining upcoming submissions. Furthermore, the judge panel is now open to members of the community, while it is also time to foreshadow the possibility and the content of a fourth round.

    Individual Extensions

    As it has been mentioned previously by @Akidzuki, final examinations are close for many of us and it may be comprehensibly possible that time is not available to compete in this contest. As a result, all participants who have not yet submitted their videos, are invited to ask for extra time which will be added to the current deadline.

    All participants who wish to make an extension request, are free to send me a private message, as soon as possible. Accepted extensions must not exceed a duration of fourteen days. A member can ask for a few more hours, just like he can freely ask for a certain number of days.

    In the case of an accepted extension, the announcement is expected to be made, approximately twenty-four hours before the current deadline. In other terms, it is recommended for requests to be sent before this time, in order for them to be adequately evaluated.

    An additional and quite important detail to add is the exact and detailed deadline. If no extension is made, the submission cycle will end on Friday, April the 13th at 11:59 p.m. in the Eastern Timezone.

    Compensation Prizes

    In the situation where not enough entries have been submitted in this round, compensation prizes will be given to those who have tried their best and have worked hard to submit an original entry.

    A round is eligible for compensation when it receives three or less videos as entries. If more than three AMVs are present, there is enough content to vote upon, in order to create a fair Top 3.

    As a result, the compensation prize is a $20 J-List Gift Certificate, which corresponds to the prize that should be given to a third place winner, in this round. Following the same idea, the worth of compensation prizes may vary in potential following rounds and will be fairly announced at the beginning of each submission cycle.

    Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated about this particular decision. If ever additional ideas of fair compensation arise, please do not hesitate to share them in this thread.

    Recruiting Judges

    As it was done in the second round, members of the community are invited to join the Judge Panel. All who wish to join are invited to send me a private message. However, if one is unfamiliar with the voting process, it is strongly recommended to read the following information, before applying.

    The panel will be consisted of a maximum of ten members. It is important to note that certain small restrictions apply.

    • Being a member of this website, for at least one month.
    • Not participating as a video-editor, for the current round.

    Furthermore, a judge in this contest will be asked to evaluate all AMVs, based on the following criteria.

    (This information is also available on the first page of this thread.)

    1. Synchronization(/10): The grade is given based on the editor's ability to have properly timed the audio track with the events in the video.

    2. Rendering(/10): This is somewhat like evaluating the overall quality of the AMV, but by only considering the final scaling. As an example, if the frames appear stretched or if the resolution changes from one scene to another, points will be removed.

    3. Theme Representation(/10): A character tribute is the objective of this round. Evaluation will be based on how easy it is to distinguish the AMV's protagonist and how well he/she is represented.

    4. Originality(/10): As the title says it, this category gives freedom to the evaluators, in what concerns their views on the originality of an AMV. Points will mostly be given out, based on never-before-seen content.

    As it can be deductible by reading the information above, members of the Judge Panel will be evaluating all entries by giving a personal grade between 0 and 10, for each judging criteria. An average will then be calculated by them at the end, which will determine each and every judge's Top 3 choices. Furthermore, a sentence or two is recommended to explain the reasoning behind the given evaluation and to potentially offer constructive improvement possibilities.

    Ideally, seven days are given, after the deadline, for the judges to post their evaluations in the contest thread. However, as it was done with last round's judging, extensions of a few days, or hours, can be given, according to the judges' availabilities.

    Next Round Ideas

    As the third round's end is nigh, it is also time to discuss a potential fourth round. All members of the community, not only current participants, are invited to share their thoughts about its possibility, whether it be to propose new themes or to discuss new ideas, it is a good, yet not obligatory, idea to start brainstorming early.

    As a reminder, in what concerns choosing a theme for another possible round, I present a detailed list of what has been suggested, in the past.

    • Humor: A theme filled with light and symbolic laughs, delivering a smile to its watcher. Depending on the type of humor used, reception can vary from person to person. As an example, not all individuals are identically affected by Slapstick, Irony or Satire types of humor. An editor working on this theme has the objective of making its watcher smile, no matter the aspect of humor used.
    • Love(General): Another theme with a potential for variety. Whether it be about a slow-paced romantic relationship like in Kimi ni Todoke or concerning a disastrous loss of a loved one, as seen in X by CLAMP, love is another emotion that is present and also represented in many ways, by all individuals. The participant can choose to simply make a romantic tribute to a favorite couple, or can push the ideas further, by trying to present a personal definition of love, by using anime sequences. The choice is originally yours!
    • Forbidden Love: This choice is simply considered as a sub-category of the one mentioned above. While this theme does include a romantic aspect, its main focus is the idea of a taboo relationship. Perfect examples are incest and relationships between adults and minors. One may also freely add homosexual couples to this theme, since it is still a very debated subject, even up to this day.
    • Group Tribute: This is identical to the theme used in the current round(Character Tribute), but includes editing a video concerning a group of individuals, instead of a sole character. Fair examples are a Team of Mercenaries, a Group of Magical Girls, a Street Gang or simply a High School Clique. The ideas are infinite!

    If more theme possibilities arise, please do not hesitate to share and discuss them, in this thread! ;3

    @break, @Kitto & @Momimochi I cordially hope that you will all have the possibility of participating in this round. On a similar note, I hope you had an enjoyable Easter break. :]

    @Jake Thank you for your entry! What particularly impressed me about it was how well the subtitles matched the music and the actions. In other words, they did not feel out of place. I am guessing that it probably comes from using many subsequent events, which guarantees the homogeneity of the video.

    Using frames with subtitles in an AMV is often criticized because the text seems nonsensical, compared to what is happening on the screen and what feeling the current music is delivering to the watcher. From my perspective, you have managed to not make it feel that way at all. A character tribute well-done. ;)

    @VivoDePyre Do not worry about possibly not being able to participate in this round. Your comments and technical recommendations have always been a great help to the members of this project, ever since its very beginning. You have already contributed much, only with that. :]

    And thank you very much for the free software suggestion. The list on the front page will be updated with it, as soon as possible.

    @Noodle You have absolutely no need to apologize for such an unfortunate event. I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of such important material. If ever you feel that you cannot submit an entry by the deadline, there is always a seat open for you as a judge, if you are interested. :>

    @Akidzuki I couldn't have worded it better myself. School is indeed the priority and we should all give education an appropriate importance, while, and even after, we are being schooled.

    On that note, I wish you the best of luck in your final examinations, as I will also be accompanying you on that journey. :'D

  5. #215252012-04-10 18:12:27VivoDePyre said:

    Yeah, this month has been batshit crazy. I don't have the time, let alone the skill to do what I was hoping for. It was going to be Cowboy Bebop with Blue by R.E.M. but shit, that song is hard to time to. Best of luck to all the remaining contestants!

    Also, I'd like to do love for the next one if possible. I'm fine with any of the coming themes, though.

  6. #216062012-04-11 07:22:39Rommel175 said:

    I would like to ask a small favor from the judges. I know that i switched my entry a while ago, if you would be so kind, please look and critique them both?

    I know full well that the first entry was absolutly horrid, but i wanted to try something different, and i love A Perfect Circle. Had i spent more time, and actually continued to think that that video was the superior idea, i would have made it great, but i abandoned it. I'm just curious to know if the effort could have been worth it in your eyes.

  7. #218762012-04-13 13:17:28 *n1xx said:

    Deadline Extension

    After receiving several proposals for personal deadline extensions, it has been decided that the submission date will be pushed to fourteen days after today. In other words, the deadline is now set to Friday, April the 27th.

    Since fourteen days leave many room for organization, this is the perfect opportunity for participants to review and reevaluate their editing schedules. Furthermore, if needed, it also a good time for editors to polish up and perfect their AMVs that have already been submitted for this round.

    As a reminder, participants can collaborate in teams-of-two. If you think that it may be more effective to work alongside someone else, please don't hesitate to ask for collaboration from any of the current participants. One will not only gain supplementary experience, but will also make a new friend. <3

    Furthermore, whoever is interested by the alternative mentioned above is invited to read the previous, more-detailed, announcement about this subject.

    Team-Entries are now allowed, at the condition that both participants must be members of this website. Preferably, it would be ideal for anyone who thinks about entering the contest this way, to mention who they're pairing up with, in advance. Finally, it is also important to remember that, if you were two people working on the video, the prize will have to be split into two, between both of you. If it cannot be split equally, you need to keep in mind that the Gift-Certificate prize will be sent to one of both individuals and that you will then both decide, in private, how you will be using the J-List Gift Certificate for yourselves. In other words, please make sure that you are teaming-up with someone that you trust in this kind of situation. Of course, we'll need confirmation from both parties, before the prize is sent to only one of the two individuals. :>

    @Jake Subtitles are completely acceptable, as long as they serve a purpose in the AMV. Yours served as a description of the actual events happening in the video, which makes them very helpful. :]

    @Akidzuki Thank you for the wishes! <3 I'll keep on doing my best! high fives


    Yeah, this month has been batshit crazy.

    I completely understand how you feel. On my part, it is not only exams but also students on strike that seem to make this a memorable month of April.

    Also, I'd like to do love for the next one if possible.

    Your theme choice has been noted! Please don't hesitate to suggest more, if ever some cross your mind. :]


    I would like to ask a small favor from the judges. I know that i switched my entry a while ago, if you would be so kind, please look and critique them both?

    Of course, reviewing both is absolutely feasible. I'll mention this proposal, in my future reminder that will be sent to the members of the Judge Panel. ;>

  8. #218772012-04-13 13:37:23Jake said:

    as of the new deadline i wont be on the site any more so just take me off the competition but leave my video on if you wan't

  9. #218782012-04-13 13:47:21n1xx said:

    @Jake Are you planning on coming back eventually? If yes, it is acceptable for you to claim your possible prize, at that time.

  10. #218812012-04-13 14:40:15Momimochi said:

    @n1xx Are the individual extensions still in play? The USB with all my RAWs died in the washer so I might need some time to go hunting for them again. orz

  11. #218822012-04-13 14:51:35n1xx said:

    @Momimochi Based on the extension of fourteen days that has just been given(submissions now ending on April 27), do you think that it's sufficient time for you to catch up?

    If you're not sure about the answer yet, since it is somewhat still quite early to judge, you can inform me about your progress, in the following days. For anyone who is willing to submit an entry, I always try my best to give them an appropriate schedule. ;]

    On a similar note, I'm very sorry to hear about your USB drive. I hope you didn't lose anything of higher importance. :<

  12. #218832012-04-13 15:09:48Momimochi said:

    Sure, I'll try to make it by the deadline. If all else fails, then yeah. That was just my USB for my RAWs to play on TV so there was nothing important in it.

  13. #221742012-04-15 23:32:38 *Noodle said:

    Good news: I have recovered most of my lost files and gotten hands on the material I need for my AMV, so now I only need to install Premiere pro and start working. Things are looking brighter.

  14. #222232012-04-16 04:26:35 *Rommel175 said:

    @Jake M.O.S.? Active, reserve, or National guard? I love learning about new battle buddies. and don't hesitate to ask about any kind of facet about military life. the first thing you need to learn the only dumb question is the one not asked.

    that said, everyone I'm willing to edit together files for people. send me what you have and I'll edit a rough copy, and you can add refinements as you see fit. If you win I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING, it was your idea, and you AMV! I just helped it make deadline, and i refuse to take credit for other peoples ideas. @n1xx IF that's ok by you, i just want some competition.

  15. #222372012-04-16 04:58:48 *n1xx said:


    send me what you have and I'll edit a rough copy, and you can add refinements as you see fit.

    Since the judging criteria includes editing skills and video rendering, having someone else proclaim a part of your work, as their own, will unfortunately give falsified results.

    However, I will give the opportunity, especially for this round, for editors who have already submitted their work, to either submit a second AMV or collaborate with another participant.

    On that note, I am also available for an AMV-Collaboration with any of you. ;3

    @Noodle That's amazing news! I can't wait to watch your future entry!

    @Jake I completely understand, and I guess it can't be helped. Thank you for your participation in the contest and I wish you the best of luck in the army! Please stay safe. <3