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The Colorless AMV Contest! (Recruiting Judges!)

  1. #222912012-04-16 17:11:42break said:

    i fiinished my video now, just gotta find a place where i can be int he net long enough to actually upload it now.

  2. #222952012-04-16 17:59:40Rommel175 said:

    @Jake well...that's what i get for assuming. Either way, the U.K. has a fantastic military, and an allied soldier is still a buddy as far as I'm concerned.

    I'm a Chemical Warfare Specialist From the U.S. and best of luck to you brother.

  3. #224842012-04-18 00:43:34Momimochi said:

    ..... So Vegas got all screwy with importing videos (lolfreezingallthetime) so Imma just render the 2:00 something I have. Yeah.

  4. #229092012-04-21 19:59:00break said:

    im kinda raging right now due to beign unable to properly upload my amv (at a friend's place right now and the internet, shared between us via WLan, makes uploading the video so slow that my laptop overheated and shut down halfway through uploading it). im gonna be at my own home exactly at the dy of the deadline (+/- a few hours depending on time differences) and probably will be able to post my vid only shortly after the deadline... i hope thats still okay.

  5. #233852012-04-24 17:09:41 *Noodle said:

    Here's my video. It's blocked in some countries, but I think you should be able to view it through a proxy like hidemyass or something.

    I'm sorry if it seems rushed. It was though. I'll play around with it a bit and maybe I'll upload a new version before the deadline.

    Edit: Oh one more thing.

    This video contains frickin' huge spoilers

  6. #236522012-04-26 03:43:56 *n1xx said:


    As we approach the final deadline date, it's the perfect opportunity to review one's work. Furthermore, AMV evaluations are drawing near, so it's also time to recruit judges amongst the Colorless community.

    Three Days Left!

    Close to only three days are left until the evaluations will finally begin for this third round! Participants who have already submitted a video, are recommended to review their work and perfect it even more, if they judge it to be necessary.

    Sometimes, viewing our own work in a reasonable time delay later, makes us notice where additions and changes can be made in order to enhance the viewer's experience. ;>

    Small Deadline Change

    im gonna be at my own home exactly at the dy of the deadline (+/- a few hours depending on time differences) and probably will be able to post my vid only shortly after the deadline... i hope thats still okay.

    Due to @break's inevitable situation, the deadline will be pushed by twelve hours. As a result, the submission cycle will end on Saturday, the 28th of April at 11:59 AM EST(Eastern Time).

    Recruiting Judges

    Spaces are still open in the current Judge Panel for those who would like to participate as judges for this round. However, small conditions apply, such as:

    • A user eligible to being part of the Judge Panel must have been a member of this website, for at least one month.
    • Furthermore, the volunteer must also not be one of the current contest participants.

    The evaluation cycle is expected to start as soon as the submissions will end. In other words, the list of judges will be announced shortly after this upcoming Saturday's deadline. At the latest, the evaluations are expected to start, in the middle of the subsequent week.

    Judge applications can be made by either sending me a private message or by posting in this thread. As it has often been asked, in the past, no necessary requirements(other than the ones listed above) are obligatory to be part of the panel.

    Equal judging opportunities will be given to all members who are minimally familiar with the community and that have the motivation to volunteer in making this a memorable contest.

    Concerning the judging criteria, I humbly invite all current and potential judges to review the following elements to consider, while evaluating an AMV.

    (This information is also available on the first page of this thread.)

    1. Synchronization(/10): The grade is given based on the editor's ability to have properly timed the audio track with the events in the video.

    2. Rendering(/10): This is somewhat like evaluating the overall quality of the AMV, but by only considering the final scaling. As an example, if the frames appear stretched or if the resolution changes from one scene to another, points will be removed.

    3. Theme Representation(/10): A character tribute is the objective of this round. Evaluation will be based on how easy it is to distinguish the AMV's protagonist and how well he/she is represented.

    4. Originality(/10): As the title says it, this category gives freedom to the evaluators, in what concerns their views on the originality of an AMV. Points will mostly be given out, based on never-before-seen content.

    As it can be deductible by reading the information above, members of the Judge Panel will be evaluating all entries by giving a personal grade between 0 and 10, for each judging criteria. An average will then be calculated by them at the end, which will determine each and every judge's Top 3 choices. Furthermore, a sentence or two is recommended to explain the reasoning behind the given evaluation and to potentially offer constructive improvement possibilities.

    Ideally, seven days are given, after the deadline, for the judges to post their evaluations in the contest thread. However, as it was done with last round's judging, extensions of a few days, or hours, can be given, according to the judges' availabilities.

    @Momimochi An Arararararararagi tribute! I love it! Even though you didn't get to complete your AMV, the editing turned out to be quite amazing, nevertheless.

    And yes, problems with Sony Vegas Pro and RAWs are quite common. Often it is due to the audio field being quite different than the usual formats used in windows-adapted videos. Adding in certain available plug-ins should fix these issues though. :]

    @Noodle To be fairly honest, if you did not mention it, I wouldn't have noticed its rushed aspect. I personally find that your editing style fits very well with the chosen frames and the pace of the video. In addition, your textual presentation is quite beautiful. <3

  7. #239472012-04-28 00:13:05 *break said:

    im home! i uploaded it! first only on 4shared but now its also up on youtube. i dunnp if its gonna get blocked or not though~

    was fun doign this, even though i couldnt use sony vegas and i dunno why but Movie Maker always windows the video and makes it smaller for me... anywayys, i hope you like it~

  8. #240272012-04-28 07:17:21 *n1xx said:

    @break There are nine hours left until the final deadline so it is still possible for you to try rendering the video in an ideal high-definition format.

    I have found two quite well-explained tutorials on Youtube. The first one demonstrates how one can render a high-definition video, while using Windows Movie Maker.

    However, in order to successfully complete the step above, one needs to first set the AMV at a 16:9 aspect ratio, instead of it being at 4:3. If ever you are certain that the screen definition needs to be changed to widescreen, I believe that the following tutorial will be able to helpfully guide you through it.

    Please note that none of these steps are obligatory, in order for you to compete in this round. However, since rendering is one of the judging criteria, it would surely be worth your time. ;>

  9. #240292012-04-28 07:40:50break said:

    @n1xx hm i already deleted the files of the scenes i used to preserve HDD space, so all i could do now would be upscaling... i think i will do that for the next round though (unless i get to use a better program again by that time ) but thanks for it, really~

  10. #240402012-04-28 09:01:11n1xx said:

    @break You're very welcome. In my opinion, anyone willing to render a high-definition video with Windows Movie Maker should explore all the possible actions, even if those do happen to be quite complex and well-hidden, according to many reviews.

    Without a doubt, combined with your natural editing skills, submitting a high-definition AMV with the same passion behind it, in the future, will be worth quite the watch! ;3

    Concerning this round's video, it feels exactly as if I was watching an official extended preview for an anime series. Very well done and I must say that I admire how you naturally tend to add a story to your AMVs. ;]

  11. #240662012-04-28 19:21:17 *n1xx said:


    While finally reaching the deadline of the third round's submission cycle, precisions about the Judge Panel and future badges will be given, along with an approximate start date for the evaluations.

    Furthermore, participants and watchers alike, will be invited to discuss of a potential fourth round and of which themes should be interpreted, in order to help diversify and personalize the contest to respond to the community's wishes.

    Submissions - Closed

    As submissions have come to an end, as always, beautiful and original videos have been presented for this round. As a result, I would like to humbly and personally congratulate all who have put countless efforts and undeniable motivation, to make this a memorable contest.

    Concerning the upcoming entirety of badges made for users' profiles on the site, they are currently being adapted to the interface, with new and improved designing involved. These adaptations that are currently being made, lead to a slight delay in the badge distribution. Worry not though, as they are guaranteed to be distributed, as soon as they are ready. Furthermore, news about their development and preparation, will be communicated to all who are involved, in the most rapid of delays.

    In addition and as a quick reminder, winners, as well as participants, are eligible to four different badges.

    • The Participation Badge: This badge is given to all editors and judges who have participated in the AMV Contest. As it was mentioned countless times in the past, the staff wholeheartedly agrees on congratulating all who have given efforts and merit, as much as those who win by the result of a fair evaluation.
    • First, Second and Third Place Badges: As their titles fairly describe them, these are the badges distributed to those who have won their way up to the Top Three choices, resulting from the Judge Panel. Furthermore, members in this category are also rewarded with J-List Gift Certificates, with an amount designed to be proportional to their rank in the evaluations.

    Evaluation Precisions

    Due to an expected busy month of April, for most participants who are in the middle of final examinations and/or who are quite busy with work, more time has been given for potential judges to confirm their presence and their availabilities for the evaluation cycle. In spite of this, judging is expected to start, at the latest, on Wednesday, May 2nd. As it was promised with the badges, news will be given as soon as all of the judges will have confirmed their availabilities. Of course, this will be done, at the latest, by this upcoming Wednesday.

    On another note, whether you are an editor who wishes to polish up your own current submission, or if you are a potential participant who would like to enter an AMV for this round, both of these options are still possible. However, please keep in mind that the beginning of the evaluation cycle can be announced, at any time, before this upcoming Wednesday. In other words, any revisions or additional submissions should be completed and sent, as fast as possible, before then.

    In the meantime...

    Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to share your opinions and views, on a possible Fourth Round. Would you enjoy seeing it happen and would you like to take part in it, as a participant? If yes, please share possible additions and modifications, at your constructive heart's content. Examples of discussion topics could include the following:

    • Themes: One of this contest's goals is to make the participants feel comfortable with what they are working with. As a result, themes are chosen amongst the suggestions given by the community, which is why it is important to consider all of the watchers' and editors' ideas, in order to guarantee a constant level of fun and satisfaction, for whoever is participating.
    • Judging Criteria: Based on the former and current rounds' judging method, are there any categories that should be added, combined or stripped from the current list? Do some of these unfairly advantage or disadvantage others?
    • Prizes: While the money is proportionally designed, according to the winner's rank, suggestions on how to make this a fair distribution are quite welcome for discussion.
    • Editing Originality: Other than choosing a single theme for each round, other objective possibilities may still remain to be uncovered. Please do not hesitate to suggest original round ideas, if ever they do cross your mind!

    @break It's a great effect to add to anyone's AMVs. As much as it guarantees that the viewers will sit through your video, until the very end, it also guarantees that your message also comes across successfully to them. Again, great job! ;>

  12. #241192012-04-29 08:44:15break said:

    @n1xx hehe thanks^^ i only had thwe worry that the pace of the song itself mightve been a little to slow to go witht he actionscenes at times.. but i dunno if that Seiyuu did any other Songs xD

  13. #247042012-05-03 15:46:57 *n1xx said:


    A sufficient number of judges have now been recruited to evaluate the AMVs entered in the third round! Furthermore, a complete list of the Judge Panel will be presented, as well as a friendly reminder of the criteria they will be basing their evaluations on.

    On a second note, participants and watchers will be suggested to propose more themes that may interest them, for the fourth round. In the meantime, members interested in registering, right away, as an editor or as a judge for Round 4, can freely do so, during the evaluation cycle.

    Judge Panel - Revealed

    It is with great pleasure that I present you, all of the following volunteers that will be transparently reviewing the videos of this round.

    All members of the Judge Panel have eight days to submit their evaluations. In other words, the winners of the third round are expected to be announced, shortly after Friday, May 11th at 11:59 P.M. EST(Eastern Time). If any extensions are given beyond this date, they will be responsibly announced in this thread.

    As a side note, I would like to humbly thank all of the volunteers for their undeniable future efforts and for their kind assistance. I cannot wait to work beside you all, as a judge. <3

    Concerning the judging criteria, none of them have changed, when compared to the list that was presented at the beginning of the round.

    1. Synchronization(/10): The grade is given based on the editor's ability to have properly timed the audio track with the events in the video.

    2. Rendering(/10): This is somewhat like evaluating the overall quality of the AMV, but by only considering the final scaling. As an example, if the frames appear stretched or if the resolution changes from one scene to another, points will be removed.

    3. Theme Representation(/10): A character tribute is the objective of this round. Evaluation will be based on how easy it is to distinguish the AMV's protagonist and how well he/she is represented.

    4. Originality(/10): As the title says it, this category gives freedom to the evaluators, in what concerns their views on the originality of an AMV. Points will mostly be given out, based on never-before-seen content.

    To summarize, all videos will go through a detailed evaluation, which includes considering the general criteria that are often commented by watchers and thoroughly worked on, by editors.

    A grade between 0 and 10 will be given, for each judging category, and it is the resulting calculated average that will determine each and every judge's Top 3 choices. This is a method to assure that the final classification will not be executed, in a first-impression manner. In all actuality, as applied in Round 2, this method delivers fair results, based on merit and video quality.

    Amongst the specific details that will be critiqued, Synchronization will consider the chosen frame movements, according to the BPM(Beats per Minute) of the song. Rendering, on the other hand, will concern the technical quality and presentation of the AMV, while the Theme Representation criteria is used to look closely at how representative the entry is of one character. Finally, a free category entitled Originality will be left at each judge's discretion by commenting on their personal impression of the submission, while being strongly recommended into giving merit to never-before-seen combinations of anime and music.

    On an ending note, in order to simplify the evaluation process for the current judges, all five official submissions will be presented, in this post. These are also available on the first page of this thread.

    Thank you again to all editors, for their undeniable efforts and for their motivation. All current judges are to be thanked as well. You both are contributing into leading this contest to the end of its third round, and to the beginning of its fourth! I, as well as the community, are very grateful. <3

    Entries - Round 3

    Watch on 4Shared!

    Watch on Vimeo!

    Round 4 - Confirmed

    Considering the steady pace that this contest has been keeping, when comparing it with the last round and while also seeing it advantaged by the new website's thread-sorting system, based on popularity and tags, this contest will be proceeding to its fourth round, as soon as the winners are announced in approximately a week from now.

    In addition, as there is still time left before officially announcing the precise details of Round 4, please do not hesitate to propose themes that may interest you. For the moment, many votes have been given for the Love theme and strong are the chances of it reigning in the next round, unless interest for something different manifests itself. Of course, if more than one theme is proposed, the final decision will be made by picking one out of a hat, as it was done, at the end of the second round.

    Also, when looking over the video editors' past availabilities for this project, I have come to the conclusion that an editing time of approximately 2-3 months is generally ideal. Once again, a test deadline will be proposed: Friday, July 27th. And of course, since this deadline is nothing more than a proposal, it is free to be adapted, and changed, to any participant's schedule. Furthermore, if you happen to be someone who would participate, no matter the theme chosen, it is possible to register right away.

    On a final ending note, whether you are a watcher or a participant, please do not hesitate to comment on the contest's general process. No matter if it is about the themes, the prizes, or even the judging, please share any constructive ideas that may amplify the experience of being part of this competition. <3

    @break A great way to initiate yourself to good video pacing, would be to try out @VivoDePyre's guide on video synchronization. As he mentioned, it seems complex at first, but it is a logical way to have control over your editing. ;>

    @Rommel175 Even though your first submission has not been mentioned in this post, it has been privately asked, to all judges, to also evaluate it, if they have the time to do so.

    As a friendly reminder, their evaluations will solely be for constructive purposes and will not be considered as official judging for this round.

  14. #252032012-05-09 04:31:13 *MyogiWarrior34 said:

    As usual, here's the first Judgement list. I did this first while I was rendering another project video of mine, so expect that on the Supido Thread. Alright, enough with the intermissions, here's my descriptions and scores:

    Syncrhronization, Rendering, Theme representation, Originality

    1. EMIYA (31/40)

    Sync: There were significantly timed areas in the video with the song; this was most evident with the Archer VS Lancer take. (8/10)

    Rendering: There was a huge chunk of space which could've been used for the whole video. Seeing as it is rendered to up to 1080HD... the extra resolution just killed it with this chunk of space. Also, that last pic explains the huge black border... that could've been cropped to size so you could utilize the entire workspace. (6/10)

    Them representation: It focused highly on Archer, which was the sole theme of this AMV. No distractions; and considering that Shiro & Archer are one and the same person, so sticking to the theme is a good plus there. (8/10)

    Originality - when I saw the title; I was expecting the Emiya Theme. This was most unexpected and a sole Archer focus is a good take on the AMV. My only concern is the length. (9/10)

    1. K-on/ Mi-oh! (35/40)

    Sync:There was a huge level of synchronization here that got me attracted. But the slight fallback is in the beginning; it would've been better if the drums sync'd with the apron appearing on Mio. (9/10)

    Rendering:There was no compromised quality with the HD-ness of the video. The fast forwards in the vid are too fast though that it made it look awkward but that's my opinion only. A best endign is to finish the Mio-tripping over scene until the guy snapshots for a good laugh. (8/10)

    Theme Representation: my serious comment: A good mix of the K-on group and just Mio scenes were a good mix in this AMV. There lots of Mio lol-moments that made sure this had no dull moments STANDARD COMMENT: HHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG (10/10)

    Originality: I barely get to see Mio-tribute videos with her lol-faces not her serious moments so this may be a good plus; despite the fact of the large Mio fan base with their own AMVs. (8/10)

    1. Unknown World (37/40)

    Sync: The full sync with the video is well timed and the selection of music is really catchy that it got me hooked. Some parts of the lyrics as well sync'd with the music. (10/10)

    Rendering: There's a huge amount of time obviously used to render this AMV and deserves a credible amount of commendation. Aiming for a cinema style layout is a good choice too. It's a shame it is slightly short but if that's intentional; then it made me definitely want more! (8/10)

    Theme representation:I'm not too familiar with Bakemonogatari but I'm feeling the guy is the lead character (You don't say, me!) For someone who didn't watch this yet; I now want to watch it. (10/10)

    Originality: Nothing left to say but very very original in terms of selection of anime. And other supporting claims to this has been mention on the forementioned earlier parts. (9/10)

    1. Sail Through the Heavens (34/40)

    Sync: Catchy R&B Blues got me to continuously watch this AMV. Also the rendering by the user made it worth watching seeing how well the video and audio blended together. (9/10)

    Resolution: A standard selection to retain quality and avoid pixellating it... Good 640 x 480 resolution. The quality is constant which is the fundamental part of this part. (8/10)

    Them Representation: Showing Simon's growth and his relationship with Kamina, and the good choice of scenes made this AMV even more interesting. (10/10)

    Originality: The only thing generic or more like overused by most AMV-ers is introducing the creator & song at the very beginning. But the ending made it even awesome which is the ultimate plus of this AMV. It makes me want to wath it again... which I actually did. (7/10)

    1. Spike's last ride (33/40)

    Sync: THere were very short hints of off-syncing and the video would've turned out better, etc. etc. But this was minimial; there were sync'd scenes but it's not on the good parts where you'd expect it more and give it that umph. (7/10)

    Resolution: I bet the raw material is too small to be rendered in HD, so this may be a slight minus, given some thick blurry parts of the scenes and the high-brightness/contrast. It could've been better off at 720 or 480. (6/10)

    Theme Representation: THe selection of scenes is like Spike's thinking through the stuff that happened to him until that last battle with an old colleague of his. Conjoined with the title; it's an accurate mix. (10/10)

    Originality: I like how the opening is like it's part of the anime. For those who haven't watched Cowboy Bebop, it's like it's part of a missing scene. The last dialogue before the end was a good mix too. (9/10)