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  1. #5152011-12-26 05:16:26Zephyr said:

    i preffer sub... not just my vocabulary in english and japanese expands in sub.. there's an aura that subbed makes..( rourouni kenshin is better dubbed though... his japanese voice isn't so nice)

  2. #5612011-12-26 10:57:32Ecstasy said:

    the same here. just love Japanese and professional VA voices. it's also more comfortable to watch something ongoing as subs are usually faster than dub.

  3. #6312011-12-26 16:33:12zarakiXespada said:

    well i like both but i would go for sub because the anime are more ongoing then dub and also well the way i see it when its in dub they usually used same voice actors and when i here there voice of anime character in dub for example ichigo from bleach, lelouch from code geass, and izaya from durarara i usually confused them i don't know if that made any sense >_<

  4. #6492011-12-26 18:09:13Momimochi said:

    Depends. There are numerous series out there with better dubs, but at the same time, there's probably a thousand and a shitload out there with horrible dubs. I mean, Furuba, FMA, Ouran High, and Ruroni all had seriously good dubs.

    But I tend to be more of a subs person since I like to be updated.

  5. #6502011-12-26 18:15:14MrKoreanBBQ said:

    Subs, hands down. Most dubs are very awkward sounding, especially in moe moments. (e.g. "Kawaiiii!" => "CUUUUUUUTTTTTEEEEE", etc). Subs are also useful when the anime is referring to Japanese culture and puns.

  6. #6772011-12-26 20:11:41VivoDePyre said:

    I really can't call one over the other. It depends on various things. Paprika I prefer to have dubs, because I can watch the art easier. However, new shows I prefer to have subs so I can watch them sooner. Anime that doesn't have a distinct Japanese flavor, if not western, I used dubs (Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Baccano, FMA, etc)

    You can't say that one is in intrinsically better, you really need to just try both for a little while.

  7. #6792011-12-26 20:17:24Gargron said:

    The thing with subtitles is, while you are reading them, you are missing out on the scenery or characters. If you don't know the original language though, it really depends on the quality of the dubs. If they voice actors are fitting, then dubs. Otherwise, subs, as a lesser evil.

  8. #8322011-12-27 01:26:10shafnat said:

    I prefer subs..because i don't really understand if someone talking english like usual talk (except if i seriously hear them).. and then i like the original japanese voice, from the subtitles we can understand some japanese meaning(which i often heard is "arigatou gozaimas" "daijoubu desuka?" or many more) :)

  9. #8592011-12-27 02:33:26hais said:

    it's different for me. When i was younger, i used to watch things like spirited away, cardcaptor sakura and pokemon in dubs so when i watched them for the first time in japanese, it sounded really weird. But if i were to watch anime that's airing in Japan and in japanese but were dubbed a few years later, it doesn't sound as good in dubs for me. In japanese, i find that the VAs are more likely to portrait the characters better than dub VAs. i think it's cos i find it doesn't sound good when they say some japanese like 'sempai' and the character names.

    When it comes to subs though, i don't feel like i'm missing out on any action. I can look at the full screen and also glimpsing at the subs if that makes sense dskjfhsjkg. also, in dubs, sometimes they don't really work. As in, when it comes to the subs, there's usually animes that do puns on the different ways to say 'I' in japanese. But that'd be kinda difficult to translate back into dubs. so i prefer subs cos i just find it alot easier ;w;

  10. #8712011-12-27 02:57:36 *Jenna38 said:

    I usually prefer Dub~Mainly because I'm not a fast reader and I miss out on alot when I watch something subbed. Every now and then though-I like to watch sub if an anime I really like isn't dubbed yet.

  11. #8882011-12-27 03:53:18Ju said:

    I think it depends on the anime. I can see how subs would and do help learn the language, but some of the voice choices are odd. In Japanese little girl voices, the voices are always so high pitched and annoying (to me). And the adult male voices are always so raspy. But, there are flaws with American voicings too. Sometimes, the girl voices are too deep or the boy voices don't have much variety to them. For accents, I feel like the dubs are better. But, overall, it is a toss up for me and goes either way depending on the anime and voices.

  12. #9282011-12-27 06:05:33InvisibleRainbow said:

    @zarakiXespada I met Johnny Yong Bosch at a con over the summer!! well.. kinda met xD it was an autograph signing and he hosted panels the guy who voices all of them and yeah the english voice actors, there arent a lot of them and they dont choose the best ones all the time x-x

    @someone ..all i have to say is LOL! x] best video ever.. or one of them :P

    my opinion is subs over dubs.. althought i do watch dubs once in awhile just for my favorite voice actors haha

  13. #10882011-12-27 18:51:28Sol420 said:

    If the option is there, I'll go with the dub most of the time. The reason being is that I like the voice actors and I can actually distinguish between them. When I watch subs, there are usually only like 6 different voices I can hear with only a few exceptions that I can name off the top of my head. It's also easier for me to judge their performance since I can actually understand what their saying. With the subs, I don't think I (or anyone) have the right to say if their acting is good or bad since I have a very limited understanding of their language.

    There are some animes where I do like the sub version over the dub version, but I have yet to see a dub that is as horrendous as the subtitle fans claim it is.

  14. #11652011-12-27 21:02:56MrKoreanBBQ said:
    @Shoujiro14 and @Momimochi Off topic, but there's a Rurouni Kenshin live-action film that's coming out in August 25th, 2012. The trailer looks promising, and it's actually going to be made in Japan instead of America. I have high expectations for this.
  15. #11802011-12-27 21:27:43Settsuo-kun said:

    Subs, why? Because that's what I prefer.

    Subs vs Dubs arguments are as useless as Console wars. Like what you like and let that be the end of it.