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Sub or Dub?

  1. #14442011-12-28 11:54:04King_Cupcakes said:

    I don't know about you but to me it depends on what you started with, if you start with sub the dub will sound wierd, and vice versa. I'd prefer subs but it rly doesn't matter just go with whatever hits your taste

  2. #19562011-12-29 06:39:48canon said:

    it really depends on the anime. sometimes i like the dub a lot better, but other times i vastly prefer the original audio with subs. it just depends on the group and the team, and how well the actual content translates.

  3. #21382011-12-29 21:23:51KevBoowee said:

    I prefer dub because you can enjoy watching the anime without having to read the subtext and missing a part of a scene.

  4. #24402011-12-30 15:13:48megumi-tan said:

    i like subs usually. but when watching TMO haruhi suzumiya i liked the dub. the voice actors were perfect and it had a lot of emotion. i just felt like the english was better. otherwise i have never watched english dub...ever... its usually wrong.

  5. #28232011-12-31 19:55:33TCManila said:

    Sub. As much as I am concerned, I would like to preserve the Original Audio voiced by the VAs as I watch an anime series.

    Although I hear some good dubs, the rest were either organized by the wrong people, or they have picked the wrong voice actor for the role. That's what makes it bad.

    But say, for example, Nyanners? She would make a great VA.

  6. #31032012-01-01 20:28:13maelid said:

    Although I have, to my surprise, found some dubbed anime that I don't mind and that I have watched, overall I like the sub better. In general the emotions and flow is smoother to me. And I like finding out that the voice actor of this character is the same voice actor for that character.

  7. #38212012-01-03 18:27:20Yoko_x said:

    I actually don't have a preference. I appreciate both sub and dub, but if I watch an extensive amount of one for that anime and then switch to the other for an episode or so I am greatly irked. I watched Gurren Lagann, the whole series, subbed. Then I watched it dubbed with my friends... It was awful.

  8. #40932012-01-04 10:06:00chel said:

    SUB. sometimes dub dosent match the character and its better the original way i think.But dub's also good... sometimes

  9. #41242012-01-04 13:08:19gyl said:

    Dub sometimes. Most of the time the voice that they chose are not suitable for an anime character.

  10. #61532012-01-13 01:48:56Caramilk said:

    I like both, it really depends on what anime we are talking about. In my opinion, sub wins, though sometimes it just sounds weird, or with some its difficult to follow when having to read. I usually try each anime I watch with both sub and dub if it's available.