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  1. Free Rusty Hearts Character Code– Meilin Chen

    #51822012-01-08 18:09:55Kiboune said:

    Just get it, but i cant play Rusty Hearts because it's only USA and i tired of using proxy.


  2. #52212012-01-08 20:38:31 *Kiboune said:

    Anime styled action MMO. Vampire,Werewolf,Witch and Demon huntress a main characters

  3. #75472012-01-19 01:50:41bolgilbol said:

    if anyone still have a Meilin code thats not going to be used please send me to this e-mail

    thanks in advance. =3

  4. #110932012-02-06 13:57:04angeliko21 said:

    if someone have meilin chen code unused and don t wont to use it pls sent it to i would love to play this character thank you