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Mawaru Penguindrum (Spoilers!)

  1. #60192012-01-12 07:41:19break said:

    @Ecstasy im pretty sure he said mayn of them in normal human form.. though now that you mentio it ( i totally forgot the whole frog thing), every single one of the books himari was searchign when she first met him was about "super frog", werent they? haha yeah^^ might be i got it better cuz i marathoned it^^

  2. #60212012-01-12 07:52:29 *Ecstasy said:

    @break I watched it ongoing. this is probably the problem because sometimes you don't remember what was last week ._. he was in human form but I couldn't see him as a normal human after because he shouted by the door something like "okeogero" instead of "okeokero"(it's "open up", but I'm not sure how to spell it correctly) and some other wierd stuff xD that library moment was awesome because it had Watase in it and the books' titles were connected with Himari's past :3 yes, the more I talk about it the more I want to rewatch it all :D

  3. #60242012-01-12 08:02:11break said:

    @Ecstasy ah i see.. eh wait.. AGH! sorry, i ttoally mixed up the names! i was talkign about watase all this time! sorry, i mixed up his and satoshi's names XDD then why dont you do rewatch it all? also , try out the reviews on this site they are pointing out soem interesting things i never wouldve seen, like the many connections of mwaru penguindrum with a certain japanese classical novel, the train- and apple thingies are all about that and the two boys in the beginnign are apparently discussign abotu it too! i woudltn have known that all sicne i didnt read that book^^

  4. #60272012-01-12 08:14:00Ecstasy said:

    @break thnx for the link, and haha Watase is the terorrist ghost and Satoshi is the teacher, Ringo's stalking object, now I do remember that Watase was saying a lot of importiant things but it was a bit messy.

  5. #60352012-01-12 09:08:07break said:

    haha yeah, so this whole time i talked about "satoshii" i was talkign about watase, i just mixed up their names sorry^^