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  1. "Tales of" Series Official Disscusion Thread: Tales of Xillia Getting Localized!

    #54012012-01-09 12:48:18 *Settsuo-kun said:

    Welcome to the Colorless (Un)Official Tales of Series Discussion Thread!

    From Phantasia to Xillia we can discuss, rage, ponder, and love our favorite games and characters. Feel free to post whatever as long as it is concerning something in this universe, art, music, etc.

    I'll keep our trending topic in the headline changing it every so often.

    If anyone remembers @Colorless had an awesome Tales of Xillia thread. With tons of screens/vids donated by @Alkaid and a few vids from @Animeftw. Really fun thread to skim through if you want.

    You can find this thread here.

  2. #54022012-01-09 12:51:37 *Settsuo-kun said:


    Release Dates:

    NA: August 6th, 2013

    EU: August 9th, 2013

    AU: TBD, 2013

    "RPG of Unwavering Convictions"




    • Tales of XIllia: Game Disc
    • 100 pg Tales of Xillia Artbook
    • Tales of Xillia Selection CD
    • Limited-Edition Millia Figurine
  3. #54032012-01-09 12:51:46 *Settsuo-kun said:

    Attention Everyone

    Since news of Xillia's localization is pretty damn awesome. I wanted to inform you guys I will be picking up three separate copies (aside from my own of course) and will be GIVING them to you guys at the Colorless. I haven't decided the method of the giveaway, but whoever wins plan on having a copy of Tales of Xillia. Idea's for the giveaway are also welcome as well, but please PM me suggestions as I do want the type of giveaway to be a surprise. I might offer smaller prizes as well, but don't hold me to it just yet.

  4. #54402012-01-09 18:31:37 *animeftw said:

    im atill hyped for Graces F,still hoping we get the DLC like Miku,.hack//,and Code Geass ill just post the games i have played and what game got me started to be a fan of the series hell ill even say how i found out about it

    1st Tales of Game: Tales of Vesperia was looking for another franchise or a game that has a sequel(has long has the game has anime like art i will play) and then by chance i eard of the Tales of series. i played other series's like most of the SMT series as well as .hack// and after seeing a few videos of vespria's gameplay i decided to take a chance and bought iit and loved it the 1st 3 hours in ^^ so far i own pretty much most of the tales of games that were realesed in the US which were, Tales of the abyss,Tales of Vesperia,Tales of Symphonia,Tales of Symphonia dawn of the new world(regardless what people saying it was bad), and Radiant mthyolgy

    still trying to find Tales of Legendia. still sad we dint get the PS3 version of Vesperia but regardless i will imopirt since i already have Tales of Xillia.also hate that bandai didn't voice skits for Abyss (GREATLY SAD that finding out even in the 3DS version the skits weren't voiced and i cant forget the half-assed release of the Abyss anime NOT BEING DUBBED but im still getting it :3)and Symphonia

  5. #54512012-01-09 19:20:49ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw who ISN'T hyped for Graces F? The DLC would be great XD

    As much as people hated DOTNW/KoR I actually enjoyed it! It's only down side was the monster party and lack of levelling up the previous characters. That, Vesperia, Radiant Mythology and Abyss 3D are the only Tales games I don't have available here (mainly since EU fails and Tales not having enough western love).

    Well the 3DS version was merely a port that was slightly improved (more artes and less loading). US only really voiced skits with Vesperia and Symphonia 2 didn't they? Graces most likely will have voiced ones. Otherwise I'm gonna throw a Gel/Gummi into the studios after inviting Barbatos and all hell shall break loose XD

  6. #54652012-01-09 20:18:35 *animeftw said:

    @ImagineBreaker Radiant Mythology and Legendia were also voiced,will it is also true that bandai did a terrable job never trying to at least adervtize the game. unless if it was naruto/DBZ my pros for DOWTN/KoR -Voiced Skits (BIG PLUS) -see some you your fav chacters again -import data from TOS

    Cons: -gameplay slow has hell compared to other tales gamesi mean come -the lvl caps -monster idea terriable -Emil -no anime cutscnes besides the opening -the opening using another song than the orginal

  7. #54722012-01-09 20:31:28ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw oh yeah I forget they did, my memory of Radiant Mythology is kinda hazy. Well I'll get back to it at some point XD

    The story wasn't entirely terrible either. Emil was one of those characters that are supposed to grow. I loved Ratatosk mode, Emil should've gained his personality more I say!

    The change of opening was one of their flaws with the original too! Fortunately with Vesperia and Graces the openings were also sung in English~

    Also something I thought I'd never see, Long Haired Luke actually kind redeeming his annoying nature.

    Also since it hasn't been posted yet here's Graces F's promo, the dub ain't bad but I really think they should have the option to switch dub like a few games already do

  8. #56702012-01-10 09:59:36animeftw said:

    was there any reason as to why or has bandai stated y they decided to change some of the opening songs and just use crappy arrangement songs? ex Abyss,DOWTN,Legendia as well as radiaint mytholgy (although abyss and mytholgy did use thier own respective song but just instruemental)

  9. #56792012-01-10 11:34:36ImagineBreaker said:

    Honestly I don't have a clue. I'm guessing they had a stupid idea to make the game have an audience other then "anime fans" so they decided to change it. Clearly that didn't work so they've changed following Vesperia and Graces.

    Doesn't explain why after Abyss and Mythology they went back to a completely different track for DOTNW.

    That being said I did like how they managed to use a "heroic" arrangement for even the western version which was pretty cool! Though the original jap ones were clearly better and actually played in the battle as well. If you haven't finished Symphonia you clearly wouldn't know what I meant though XD

  10. #57012012-01-10 16:45:07animeftw said:

    still working on symphonia and finally reached the FINAL seasl but then what happened oh shit with Kratos when u find out the 1st a certain thing about him on atnoher note DAMN U SWORDDANCER Tales of Legendia JPN opening

    Tales of Symphonia Knight of Ratatosk

    WE NEED THESE GAMES im pretty sure every Tales of fan's dream is to see all chacters from other tales games interact with eachother as well as fighting alongside one another

  11. #57092012-01-10 17:58:13ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw you think that was a shock! Hate to break it to you but it gets more and more shocking...wait no I don't I'm glad it does! It's one of TOS's main selling points XD

    I really enjoyed the Sword Dancer battles, especially on my 2nd playthrough on Mania difficulty XD

    Do as Infinity doing a Tales Op was a great surprise with Legendia, now if only I could get my undub iso to run properly on my laptop. I really hate the PCSX2 since it's complicated~

    This is all proof they should've kept the original openings! Next time a Tales is released with only a Japanese song they better use it XD I couldn't help smiling whenever I played DoTNW undubed, Though a friend irritated me creaming himself over the fact Marta is voiced by Tsundere Queen Rie XD

    Indeed! We really need the Radiant Mythology games!! Though I've gotta say the first has a pretty terribad dub mostly!!

    Speaking of crossovers...

    Finally started playing it this morning and it's pretty fun! Not too complex though changing Artes and equipment later might complicate things <3

  12. #57122012-01-10 18:43:29Thanatos_M said:

    Will Xilla ever come to America? I don't think I can get into Graces F because they used a friendship speech 4 seconds into the trailer. -.-

  13. #57162012-01-10 18:58:20ImagineBreaker said:

    @Thanatos_M that depends on whether or not the west are willing to give Tales another chance. They'll only release it if Abyss and Graces sell well.

    Seriously? THAT is your reason? It's promise made by people when they were children, of course it'll sound cheesy or whatever. The game starts when they're all younger after all.

  14. #57222012-01-10 19:10:45animeftw said:

    @Thanatos_M taken from the Xillia wiki "There has been no official announcement for a North American or a European release as of yet, but a scenario trailer was shown at the Japan Expo in Paris on June 30, 2011, followed by Hideo Baba asking if attendees wanted the game, which was met with applause.A localization was further hinted at by Tales Series producer Makoto Yoshizumi, who said that a localization was possible if fan demand was strong enough"

  15. #57382012-01-10 21:34:40ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw Rebirth huh? I heard there was something but it probably died pretty quickly. Seeing how Innocence and Phantasia (PSX) were translated it would've been great if they other unlocalised titled got translated too XD

    But man I really do home Graces has all the DLC as well as pre-order bonuses <3