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"Tales of" Series Official Disscusion Thread: Tales of Xillia Getting Localized!

  1. #175432012-03-13 19:55:56animeftw said:

    Europe might be getting something awesome when Graces F is out i wonder whats it is.......figurine perhaps ? or just to piss of us fans all the DLC lol "Tales of Graces F will launch in Europe this summer. Namco Bandai is planning “an exclusive day one edition of the game set to include bonuses for European fans only.” More details on the release will be revealed in the “coming weeks.”"

  2. #175582012-03-13 21:51:43ImagineBreaker said:

    Day one huh? It will probably take a chunk out of my wallet but who cares!!? Also looks like all the DLC might be coming over after all, well the Tales ones for sure at least XD

  3. #176072012-03-14 03:21:17Settsuo-kun said:

    Having a lot of fun probably won't sleep for a few more hours. So far I have to say Pascal never fails to have me laughing, and I found a after battle skit with Malik and Sophie that's just way to funny. If I find it again I'll try and record it.

  4. #181782012-03-17 13:12:10 *Ethereal said:

    I know this thread hasn't had much activity in awhile, but I just felt I had to say this on it !

    How's everyone enjoying the battle victory scenes on Tales of Graces f? xD I can't get enough of them >.< I keep looking on youtube, like "someone, please post this! It was too funny." I found one of my favorites, here if anyone's interested

    What's your favorite one? I think the one I linked above, a long with the one where Pascal's sad about pies, are my favorite.

  5. #187272012-03-20 05:39:07Settsuo-kun said:

    Me too. I love Lineage and Legacies adds the something I was looking for. Oh yea I found my favorite skit so far.

    I had a feeling she was pointing at Pascal.

  6. #192162012-03-22 12:04:14animeftw said:

    @Settsuo-kun lol that quote makes it in my top 5 battle quotes

    @ImagineBreaker fat chance we get the idolmaster costumes, but i do hope we get the school costumes a least AND HOLY SHIT PLEASE BE TRUE FOR XILLIA but PLEASES HOLD OF for Xillia DC since it will be vesperia PS3 all over again and tales fans wont ever stop complaining....

    and in other news.... US players are bitching on how that the DLC costumes are expensive $3.99 but i mean come on .....Japan (i think) had payed more for there DLC and its not hard to save up money for a PSN card i ...>.> of course i had no trouble at all buying them :3 although that means no new manga purchase for me T.T

    and for lol purposes, i present to u THIS

  7. #225522012-04-18 17:28:33animeftw said:

    well Graces f has finshed giving out all of there DLC and i am saddened that we didnt get the idolmaster outfits/miku outfit as well as haseo's outfit OTL oh well time ti import JPN version (yes im re-buying the game jusr for this)

    and the total money i spent spent on costumes: $90

  8. #228462012-04-20 23:25:58animeftw said:
    ..... Y

    oh well adding this for the next Tales of game to get after getting Vesperia PS3 next week. thank u import shops, damn pal is getting some good stuff >.> hell Digital Devil Saga is getting relasesed oon the PSN and no word for NA OTL will be the sole reason i make another account to get this game its my 2nd Fav SMT game
  9. #228812012-04-21 10:31:19ImagineBreaker said:

    Woah~ Looking good!! Still waiting for the 1 day only release that was mentioned a while back XD

    Also been playing Twin Braves. Stain vs Lion was too short!! It too me 15 seconds!! Also spoilers