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PC Gaming Bargain Bin Thread

  1. #564642013-05-27 17:28:26DarkChaplain said:



    Humble Weekly Sale Live!

    $1 gets you:

    Both Games come without ANY DRM but also give you a Steam key each!
    The Franchise Pack on Steam costs significantly more!

    • Bonus Content:
      • Video
        • Early Alan Wake Demo Videos
        • Harry Garrett Show (in-game video of Alan Wake being interviewed)
        • "Making of” Videos
        • Alan Wake “Writer in the Cabin” clips
        • "Night Springs” Episodes (fictional TV show)
        • ”Balance Slays the Demon” Music Video
        • Alan Wake "The Movie" (full playthrough of the game)
      • Art
        • The Library of concept art and production photos
        • Alan Wake Wallpapers
        • Night Springs Comic Book
        • Psycho Thriller Comic Book
        • Alan Wake Visual Identity Guidelines
        • Alan Wake Cardboard Cutouts
      • And more
        • Alan Wake Score Sheet Music
        • Alan Wake Screenplays
        • The Alan Wake Files Book

    These games are absolutely EXCELLENT!

    They build up an atmosphere, get you hunting for shadows, send shivers down your spine, and simply drag you in. The narration is fantastic, and I can only recommend these games to everyone.

    The Developers, Remedy, were also responsible for Max Payne 1+2 (aka the good ones), and are VERY pleasant people in general. Support them!

  2. #564652013-05-27 17:46:22 *DarkChaplain said:


    Sherlock Holmes Charity Game Bundle

    This is a version of Groupees' Build-A-Bundle concept - you pick which games you actually want, and pay accordingly.
    You have to pick two games minimum (you'll still get the bonuses!), at $0.75 each (so the minimum is $1.50). The more you pick, the cheaper it gets per-game, with the full set of 7 games costing you $4.50

    All included games are available DRM-free and Steam keys, unless stated otherwise.

    The Games:


    Frankly, this is fairly hit and miss and whether it is worth it to you depends on how much you like Point & Click Adventure games. If you enjoy visual novels, I'd say you might be more open to the genre, though.

    The games themselves show their age, having been made on a low budget back then for all I can tell. I have not played them myself, so I can not actually give any feedback on the gameplay or how much of the Holmes-flair was put into the mysteries.
    Still, I'll pick them up in a couple of days (the bundle is running for around four and a half more days), since thats the cheapest I've seen the games on sale yet.

    Oh, and since this is a charity bundle, 100% of the money goes to Children of Ukraine (Enfants d'Ukraine). Never heard of them, though.

  3. #565452013-05-28 21:45:55DarkChaplain said:


    Humble Bundle 8 is Live, and FANTASTIC!

    Includes for $1:

    Beat the Average:

    Also includes SOUNDTRACKS for all but Hotline Miami!


    I cannot recommend Thomas Was Alone, Awesomenauts, Hotline Miami and the Soundtracks enough!
    This is an EXCELLENT Bundle worth your money, no matter what type of game you enjoy most. It covers your bases.

    (but don't forget about the Groupees bundles above, or the Alan Wake Humble Weekly!!)

  4. #566522013-05-30 05:27:43 *DarkChaplain said:

    Alright, time for some Deal-Roundup!

    Steam has some neat deals going on:

    Let's start with the current king of Casual Games.....


    Angry Birds Space - 66% off ($1.69 / 1,69€)

    Nothing much to say about this one. Its Angry Birds with some tweaks like gravity and shit. If you have nothing else to do, a timewaster like Angry Birds isn't bad to have available. It also comes with 42 Steam Achievements, if that tickles your fancy.

    Next up:


    Adventures of Shuggy - 75% off ($1.24 / 1,24€)

    I honestly recommend this nice little puzzle platformer. I believe I 100% completed it, minus some achievements. There were plenty of rooms/levels to finish, ranging from easy to buttclenchingly frustrating but satisfying once you solved them. There is plenty of variation in puzzles, and the game knows when to shake things up a bit by changing the basic rules for a room (for example changing the control methods, or having you control the room instead of Shuggy, or rotate the whole room etc).
    This is definitely a good bang for your buck. Pick it up.


    Waking Mars - 75% off ($2.49 / 2,49€)

    I can't really say anything about this game due to not having played one bit of it myself, but it had quite a bit of positive buzz and looked fairly interesting to me. I'm debating whether or not to pick it up this week. I'll probably have to rewatch TotalBiscuit's WTF is...? video on the game in a moment to help make up my mind.

    And to go for more hardcore stuff...


    They Bleed Pixels - 66% off ($3.39 / 3,39€)

    This game is BRUTAL. No, I'm not talking about the Pixel Gore implied by the title (even though the game definitely delivers on that!), but the way the game kicks your arse. You will die. And die again. A lot. If you thought Super Meat Boy was difficult, you probably shouldn't dare play They Bleed Pixels - this is even harder.
    If you do play (and beat) a level, you'll get a wonderful load of satisfaction right into your system, which hopefully makes up for the frustration inherent in the precision platforming genre. Definitely bring a gamepad to the party, otherwise this might become even more unforgiving...

    Above Deals available until May 3rd at 10AM Pacific time!

    Today's Steam Daily Deal is being beaten by Greenman Gaming:


    Sword of the Stars: The Pit - 50% off ($4.99 / 3,99€)

    Now, the US price is the same as it is on Steam, but the EU price is 1€ lower. However, we can save ANOTHER 20% by using the following voucher code on Checkout:


    It will be valid until 1500 UTC 31st May and works on most of GMG's offers.

    The game itself is a ROGUELIKE, semi-turn-based, and fairly expansive in terms of items and things to encounter. For some nice little overview, check the below video:

    If you are a fan of RACING GAMES, you might want to check GMG's Codemasters Midweek Deals!

  5. #566542013-05-30 05:37:33 *Kirn said:

    ^ I have to say, you people really do have to pick up 'They Bleed Pixels'. This game is intense in ways unmentionable. It almost hurt me watching this poor possessed bloodthirsty girl die again and again and again... hundreds of times! You definitely have to get this game and suffer like I did. Well, maybe not as I did, cause you really should listen to DC's advice and use the gamepad. I did this game with just me keyboard and that was seriously hard. But each, the game is awesome, and the story is very nice too.

  6. #568102013-05-31 14:10:11DarkChaplain said:

    @Ecstasy Just sayin', it was $1 with American Nightmare plus a TON of bonus content, including never-before-released stuff, for a whole week on Humble Weekly. But yay for buying good games, no matter how or where!

    @PureBoredom seems to enjoy the game a lot already~

  7. #568122013-05-31 14:46:39 *Ecstasy said:

    @DarkChaplain I played the game long ago on x-box. Found it awesome even though repetitive a bit. Saw the Humble Weekly post, but forgot about it somehow, thought I missed my chance. Good thing the steam thing started :'D

  8. #568172013-05-31 15:18:56 *DarkChaplain said:

    Looks like the next Indie Royale bundle is gonna start shortly!

    • We're getting ready to run our next bundle ... ta-dah: The Hammerhead Bundle will be here soon
    • The Hammerhead Bundle has 6 games .. we're announcing the first 5 soon: 2 adventures, 1 MMOFPS, 2 combat racers.
    • Hammerhead Bundle first 5 games: 3 Steam, 4 Desura & DRM-Free. All Windows only. 3 recent releases.

    IndieRoyale Hammerhead Bundle Live!


    Worth it for Primordia and Forge (if you are into Multiplayer games)

  9. #568312013-05-31 18:45:14DarkChaplain said:

    New Greenman Gaming 20% Voucher Code!


    Voucher valid until 3pm UTC on June 7th.

    The above Voucher works on the current GMG Weekend Deal:


    Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

    This brings the price down from 11,24€ (discounted 25% from 14,99€) to 9,00€!
    The game activates on Steam, and got released around a week ago, on May 22nd!

    From the dust of a gold mine to the dirt of a saloon, Call of Juarez® Gunslinger is a real homage to the Wild West tales. Live the epic and violent journey of a ruthless bounty hunter on the trail of the West’s most notorious outlaws. Blurring the lines between man and myth, this adventure made of memorable encounters unveils the untold truth behind some of the greatest legends of the Old West.

    I haven't played it, but watched the below video about it, and thought it was interesting enough to point out that its cheap right now.

  10. #572572013-06-04 10:47:29 *DarkChaplain said:



    Rayman Origins - $9.99 (down from $19.99) - Worldwide!

    The Glade of Dreams is up in arms again! This idyllic world, where there is usually little more to do than eat, sleep, play (and enjoy a friendly fray or two among friends), is up to its eyeballs in trouble. It seems Rayman and his heroic gang of hilarious misfits has kicked off a war with just a little snoring! Their nightmarish neighbors from the Land of the Livid Dead don’t seem to share the same taste in music and have come to crash the party! Never ones to shy away from a challenge, Rayman and his friends are more than happy to knock these nasty killjoys back to oblivion, especially since it involves saving nymphs, making mischief, and earning fantastic new powers to make even more mischief. And this won’t be the first time! As it turns out, the fun-loving Creator of the Glade, known as Bubble Dreamer, is a highly sensitive being whose every mood impacts the Glade for good or bad! Rayman has had to beat back the creatures of Bubble Dreamer’s nightmares before, and that’s what he, Globox, and the crafty Teensy casters are going to do again before the fabric of the Glade falls to pieces and their entire world fades like a bad dream.

    Rayman Origins brings back many of the classic characters, revived in their original 2D form, as well as a whole new world of characters and environments. Discover the roots of Rayman by collecting pieces of the Glade’s history, and assemble them to reveal the truth behind Rayman’s origins. For whimsical action-packed platformer fun in colorful 2D there is no better place than this magical world, and you can now visit it alone or with up to three firends in co-op mode!

    Especially sweet deal for Europeans. But god, this game is DAMN GOOOOD! It doesn't have online coop, sadly, but local coop only. However, if you can get a few friends together to sit in front of the screen with you, hot damn will you have fun with this game.

    That is not to say that it isn't also a great singleplayer experience! I had ridiculous amounts of fun with it. It isn't the Rayman I was used to back in the good ol' days, but heck, it plays incredibly fluidly and fast (something that the old Rayman wasn't really...)

    GO GET IT! It's DRM-free as well!

    The half-price offer lasts until Thursday, June 6, at 9:59AM GMT.

  11. #582912013-06-09 18:25:22DarkChaplain said:


    Saints Row The Third: The Full Package - 75% off ($12.49 / 7,49€)

    23 hours left for this deal! Go grab it asap, then proceed to shoot things in hilarious ways.


    Civilization V Gold Edition - 75% off ($12.49 / 9,99€)

    Next expansion pack is coming up, this package here will bring you up to speed. At this point the game is much more complex than it was after the base game launched, and while it still has a lot of kinks and lacks in the depth department compared to its predecessor, this is one of the easiest ways to get some bang for your buck - if you are looking for some relaxing turn-based strategy game.
    It also supports mods via Steam Workshop, so there's plenty of stuff to keep you busy.

    If you want less taxing Civ games, or simply think V is a bit too shallow in some ways, go with Civilization IV Complete for $7.49 / 6,24€ or for an even more oldschool experience, Civilization III Complete for $1.24 / 1,24€. Both should run on your toaster by now, so go ahead. No need to worry about the ridiculous loading times of Civ V.


    Trine 2: Complete Story - 80% off ($3.99 / 3,39€)

    Go. Buy. This. Game. It is MARVELOUS, a pure beauty. It also supports coop up to 3 players (3-Pack for $7.99 / 6,79€) and the Trine Complete Pack comes for $4.99 / 4,29€. I'd also recommend picking up the Sountracks & Artbook DLC for $.99 / 0,89€, as the soundtrack is truly fascinating.

  12. #594922013-06-17 19:01:00DarkChaplain said:


    Quantum Conundrum + Season Pass - 50% off ($4.99 / 4,99€)

    BUY the Season Pass edition! It is 50 cent more than the game on its own, comes with two more adventure/story DLCs and the soundtrack!

    This game is very, very portal-esque, and will appeal to you especially if you enjoy weird humor and interesting puzzle challenges.

    When you, as a young boy, are dropped off to visit your uncle, you notice something’s wrong. First, he’s not there to greet you. Second, there’s the explosion that happened right as you arrived. And third, the house seems to be even weirder than you remembered it.

    Now, your job is to find—and ultimately rescue—your uncle, by using his newest invention, the Interdimensional Shift Device (or IDS), to switch between dimensions and solve puzzles.
    That sofa too heavy to move? There’s a dimension for that! Switch to Fluffy Dimension and that sofa is now light as a feather. Need to get up to a high ledge? There’s a dimension for that! Just switch to Anti-Gravity Dimension and things begin to float upward. Need to make things heavier? There’s a dimension for th—well, you get the idea.

    Switch dimensions in real time, work your way through the crazy complex mansion wings and rescue your uncle!