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PC Gaming Bargain Bin Thread

  1. #610082013-07-16 14:51:18Decae said:

    @DarkChaplain: No, that wasn't me. I put the game in my inventory because I didn't know your email or anything. You'll get it on the 21st because apparently I haven't been in good standing for 30 days for whatever reason.

    I'm so sorry. Is it like one guy or an entire group of idiots intending to fuck you over with greetings?

  2. #611092013-07-18 06:11:47InsaneBoredGame said:

    I've figured out a way not to spend money. Unless if the Brave New World DLC goes on sale, I won't buy anything.

    And the chances of that happening are nil...

  3. #611122013-07-18 12:12:49DarkChaplain said:

    It got a 33% discount on its first Flash Deal, around one day after the game was officially out in Europe, fuckin' over all who preordered at 10% off.

  4. #611102013-07-18 07:18:15 *Ecstasy said:


    "Here, vote for a discount on a free to play game."

    Okay, I was explained that "it is the "Avengers Assemble" pack which would go on sale, giving you Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Ms. Marvel, plus 8 costumes". Still the price won't show for my region. Not that I'd buy it, though.

  5. #626712013-08-15 14:35:26 *zatsunen said:

    Amg! Humble Bundle has a bunch of great stuff this week?IDEK, my friend linked me and I wanted to share with y'all (I saw DC's posted about the site before! :D).

    Bunch of games available on Origin and Steam! :D

    Dead Space™

    Burnout™ Paradise: The Ultimate Box

    Crysis® 2

    Mirror's Edge

    Dead Space™ 3 (no Steam code for this one, Origin only)

    Medal of Honor™

    All that above is yours if you donate more than $1! And if you donate more than the average donation (USD 4.74 at the moment), you get a Sims 3 Starter Pack and Battlefield 3 (both Origin keys only) too! :D

  6. #631152013-08-30 18:54:41InsaneBoredGame said:

    So, let me tell you a thing. Sid Meier's Civilization 5 had this pretty cool second expansion released a little over a month ago (which is coincidentally named after a book about dystopia orgies).

    Now, Amazon has it for half off. That's fifteen fucking dollars, guys. I'm buying it and adding it to Steam once I get home...