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  1. Drawing Warm-ups: Topic Updated 1/13/2012

    #59712012-01-12 03:43:32 *Settsuo-kun said:

    Ever been in an art class? Ever been in an art class where you must do warm-ups before the class actually begins? If yes, you should know whats going to happen next. If not, let me explain.

    I'll be using this thread to help out struggling artists. Testing and slowly broadening their minds by giving them random scenarios to draw in 10 mins, take notice of this. You'll have to time yourself and make sure you stick to this limit. By drawing these scenarios you'll improve in the way you think creatively and hopefully take more risks in your art. I'm not only doing this for you guys, but i'll also actively participate as well.

    After you get done, take a pic, scan, or just do it on the computer and post it here.

    I'll update this topic every day. Sometimes multiple times in one day so stay on the look out.

    Want to suggest a topic you want drawn? Send me a private message, do not post any ideas in this thread, please and thank you.

    You may critique any and everything in this thread. If you feel critique isn't needed or isn't wanted add "/critique" to your post.

  2. #59722012-01-12 03:43:55 *Settsuo-kun said:

    Today's Topic

    Draw a piece of scenery!

    Scenery has the widest variety out there and almost out beats characters. Think about your favorite spots and draw it accordingly.

    For this one I'll allow a 2 hour time limit. Take advantage of all that time. Also take note that the time doesn't start until you begin to actually draw.

    Happy Drawing!

  3. #59772012-01-12 04:01:46One said:

    I'll participate since it would be a good idea to warmup before I start on my coloseum work. I'll put it up 10 mins after I post this

  4. #59862012-01-12 04:57:11Settsuo-kun said:

    Nice one @One.

    Here's mine.

    Alien eating a t-bone steak, while the cow gazes angrily at the alien for abducting it to only rip off apiece of it's meat. The alien has a well toned attitude as well yelling at the cow for it's meat being so tough.