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  1. Dubstep~

    #60282012-01-12 08:14:37Snakey said:

    Well I've recently decided to start listening to more dubstep, but don't know where to start, Can anyone recommend any good dubstep artists?

  2. #60342012-01-12 08:54:27Ecstasy said:

    don't start here "this is not true dubstep" thing, please. it leads to pointless disscussions rly. all genres are relative.

  3. #60372012-01-12 09:49:05Snakey said:

    Oh wow i've been looking for who made that awesome song that came on mtv, turns out, it was Skrillex yay :D

  4. #60842012-01-12 16:19:57Snacks said:

    Dubstep is alright I suppose. I don't listen to it often.

    I really like James Blake though. Some of his music is considered minimal, post-dubstep, which has dubstep influences.

  5. #63332012-01-14 00:10:09 *Ipotane said:

    Really surprised not to see any Caspa or Rusko yet seeing as they were right at the the beginning of the dubstep craze

    now just for some random songs