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  1. Anti-Weeaboo Brigade

    #61802012-01-13 04:30:19 *InsaneBoredGame said:

    I see you there. Yes, you with your kawaii's and desu's and pleasekillmeibg's. You and your "go Izaya, he is just like me" can go straight to hell. No romantic killings or fetishized rape, only a bullet to hell.

    Next ten new members will get their official "Weeabo is a no go" branded shotguns free of charge.

    Yes, I spelled Weeabo/Weeaboo two different ways. I have a shotgun, are you going to argue it or are you going to join? REMEMBER, GOOD GIRLS SHOOT A PATHETIC CREATURE FULL OF LEAD.

  2. #61822012-01-13 04:56:03Kuru said:

    I take my previous rank as Sir Master Doctor Professor Kuru IV, the only medic in the brigade.

  3. #61842012-01-13 05:04:44Spades said:

    I'll join. Though my position will not change from what I already am. I will simply stay the Captain of Marvelous. Captain Marvelous if you will.

  4. #62012012-01-13 07:10:11Settsuo-kun said:

    Transferring power from previous thread. This time I'll attack with a backpack filled with yaoi and dynamite. Sidearm will consist of a mace with Shizaya etched into the handle.

  5. #62432012-01-13 15:03:47JacquesTheZombie said:

    I dont know exactlly what a weeaboo is but i will join with my dual Revolvers. One can shoot Shotgun shells and the other uses explosive bullets. If its okay i want an AK74u SMG too.

  6. #62792012-01-13 19:06:27JacquesTheZombie said:

    can someone tell me if there are certain classes or something because i posted earlier but im not sure if there is a certain way you play or what and it would be nice if someone explained.

  7. #62842012-01-13 19:20:46Settsuo-kun said:

    Easy you see a weeaboo, flash you imaginary weeaboo hunter badge, proceed to hunt. I'm telling you the backpack of yaoi and dynamite works like a charm!

  8. #62882012-01-13 19:28:48JacquesTheZombie said:

    well that kinda helps and i do like Dynamite! But is there any specific "classes" like what some people have been listing or is it one of those develope your class as you play game.