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  1. Art resources - Proper remake.

    #62162012-01-13 09:01:07 *Chou said:

    References and other useful stuff for artists.

    Here is a proper remake of the Art resources thread from the old CL website. Enjoy.

    Recommended links & Art book downloads


    • Gimp - A program similar to photoshop.
    • Art rage - 30 days free trial on Artrage 3.
    • Artweaver - There is two versions one for free that contains lesser features, and one that cost money that contains more features.
    • - Simple and easy program, good for beginners.
    • Inkscape - An illustration program, good for creating vector arts. ChibiPaint - A Oekaki program.
    • MyPaint

    Photo reference

    Some of these are NSFW.




    Backgrounds & Effects



    Colouring & Shading;


    Art blocks

    BittersweetDisease's tutorials;



    Feel free to suggest links and point out errors or broken links.

  2. #84292012-01-24 11:46:16 *eterno said:

    @Chou Could you get some storytelling tutorials too? Many people here are aspiring to become a manga artist and well... some of them (me included) need a bit of help on that aspect.

    No, it doesn't have to be pertaining to writing. Things like storyboarding, lighting, set up, atmosphere, mood, 180-degree rule, composition and stuff like that are important too you know, even when you're creating an illustration.

    EDIT: Oh and maybe some form tutorials too. I guess a lot people still don't understand that a drawing isn't just a bunch of lines (me included, again ;__;)

  3. #86122012-01-25 07:14:33 *Chou said:

    @eterno, sure, I will search and see if I kind find some decent tutorials related to that. :)

    Also, if anyone happens to stumble upon any tutorials related to the subjects eterno is asking for, or any other great tutorials that ain't listed here. Feel free to leave a reply to this thread, with a link to the tutorial, and I will put the link up in the opening post. I don't have much free time left over to search for tutorials, these days. Got a loads of school work and very long school days. And don't forget to like the thread if you find it useful! Thank you~!

  4. #87922012-01-26 08:23:53eterno said:

    @Chou Thanks Chou!

    By the way, I found a great anatomy book online, the problem is, it contains a lot of nudity, and by nudity I mean real life photos of naked people from babies to middle-aged. Because of this, I'm not sure if it's ok to post the book here.

  5. #89782012-01-27 07:54:48eterno said:

    @Chou OK, here it is has the online version of the book (if for some reason you hate having everything on your hard drive) as well as many other references.

    Really, sometimes good old fashion photos are the best references especially when all views are covered. Of course, nowadays taking pictures of young children is a bit umm... I dunno... Anyway, that's why a book from 50 years ago from an art professor is one of the best (if not only, uhm, only...) reference for drawing a child's anatomy.

  6. #89792012-01-27 08:03:57 *MrTrain said:

    @Chou Do you have any good tutorials or tips on drawing texture? Not exactly for fabrics and such but rather meats and vegetables.

  7. #100522012-02-01 11:26:27 *Chou said:

    @eterno, Under the book section, there is one link that I know contains and reference book, that do contain some children anatomy in motion. Its also an older book, Eadweard Muybridge - The Human Figure in Motion. I don't remember which link its under, but it is there, somewhere. One of the mediafire links.

    I've only found one link on Storyboarding this far, . However I've already listed some tutorials on perspective and composition, but I will add more, as I stumble upon them. You could check out the 4chan resource list, there should be some tutorials on composition there, This deviation is one of the better I've stumble upon when it comes to moods, if you where referring to facial expressions.Sorry, this media content cannot be displayed. On Lighting, I will look into it more, and see if I can find a several tutorials.

    @MrTrain Textures on meat and vegetables? Wouldn't it be better for if I look for tutorials on how to draw food instead? It can't think of anywhere where could find tutorials on how to draw texture on vegetables... The best thing to do, would be to study meat and vegetables on photos or real life.

    I suggest you to go outside and buy a cabbage..

  8. #105092012-02-04 03:51:21eterno said:

    @Chou Wow, Chou! You're awesome!

    Oh and about that book by Eadweard Muybridge, it's great! I actually went and bought it! It's a really good book if you aspire to be an animator!

    @MrTrain Textures are tricky, you need to be somewhat OCD to get them right. Which is why people just use real pictures or stylize them instead. But, if you reeeaaalllyyy want to learn, just draw them from real life because you need to get the OCD if you want them right anyway.

  9. #427092012-11-14 10:02:09Chou said:

    Thread fixed thanks to @Gargron!

    I will go through the links and sort out those who're broken, and update with new ones when I've the time to do so.

  10. #521122013-04-04 01:10:59 *Mau said:
    I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with Sai and its Stabilizer/Smoothing option, that slows down your lines for better control, and I found a neat little program called LazyNezumi that does the same thing but with all drawing applications!
    It binds itself to windows of desired drawing applications, and modifies the mouse/pen cursor position when it is enabled. This allows fun things like cursor movement smoothing, lagged drawing, and random noise.

    An excerpt from the programs site.

    So for those who love the stabilizer/smoothing option for Sai, but wish other programs had that option LazyNezumi could be what you're looking for. I've tried it in OpenCanvas so far and it works like a charm!
  11. #638812013-09-24 08:41:07 *Rune said:

    I saw this program in an ad on pixiv. I haven't tried it yet, it's not free (it costs $49.99 for the 'Pro' version, $219 for the EX version) but it looks pretty versatile and simple enough. One of it's more interesting feature though, is the 3D integration which makes the program look like a mix between SAI and MMD at first glance to me.

    But again, I haven't tried it yet so I can't really say much about it.

    Another program I'd recommend is called Procreate and yes, it's pretty much the only reason to get an iPad lol; It's the only full-feature drawing program on a tablet that is sadly, not available on any other platform than iOS. From a magazine I read, most pros use this program to conceptualize although there have been artists who use it to create fully rendered pieces as well.

    In any case, if you hate the fact that intuos doesn't have a screen and cintiq is just so damn expensive, this is probably the best 'draw on screen' tablet alternative you can get! (The minimum iPad version required is iPad 2 and people are sort of throwing those away right now :D )