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Friday 13'th

  1. #63852012-01-14 07:01:52eterno said:

    I couldn't stop crying today. not because i was sad but it was probably because my tear glands are a bit fucked up because of my glasses. It was kinda embarassing because everyone seems to talk to me in a more comforting manner today. In fact, I have some tears in my eyes now and I'm fucking happy! Especially because I figured my parents won't kill me after all.

  2. #64232012-01-14 12:33:04Shirosuke said:

    I traveled to London on Friday the 13th, Met up with a duck, had ice-cream, and watched Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. Didn't get groped, didn't get held up at customs, didn't miss my plane, didn't miss my train, didn't lose my bags, didn't trip and didn't get killed/raped/abducted.

    So all in all, I did not get any bad luck thank God XD

  3. #64302012-01-14 13:37:57AkiraRyuu said:

    Friday the 13th was surprisingly good for me. Had two exams, didn't manage to screw up both papers, which is a good thing.

    My friend was super unlucky though. She got into an argument with her sister, forgot to bring her exam docket (something like a pass to take the exam), got fined twice for not bringing it, and screwed up both her Maths and Chemistry paper.

  4. #71762012-01-17 05:45:22Jenna38 said:

    Friday the 13 is usually a so-so day for me. Nothing extremely Bad ever happens but Nothing Incredibly Good happens either soooo pretty much,if anything Friday the 13th is REALLY REALLY Boring for me. There's absolutely nothin' to do. And no offence to anyone on this thread but All you superstitious Friday the 13th freaks need to move on and get a life kay nough' said.

  5. #72192012-01-17 11:39:19PureBoredom said:

    So. It turned out I died on Friday the 13th. Its kinda weird though but I still feel alive. Can't say I saw that coming though... How did I even die? Goes off into adventurer to find my past

  6. #1025192016-05-13 13:50:49Enami said:

    Had pretty good luck today (so far), a class was cancelled, got out of school earlier and also I didn' have to be stressed about my assignement :)