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  1. Candy in envelopes

    #64522012-01-14 17:40:55Gargron said:

    When I wrote the title I thought people might mistake it for @Candytenshi being in envelopes, but I doubt she would fit into a standard Japanese envelope.

    Anyways, this service lets you subscribe to it and receive two envelopes full of candy from Japan for $24 each month.

    I heard the business it not very profitable to its owner so posting this while it lasts.

  2. #64852012-01-14 20:34:46Bemmu said:

    Thanks for posting this, I'm actually the one running this. I'm not a regular colorless user, just happened to see that some traffic was originating from here.

    Of that $24 it costs, about $4 is profit. If you want to ask anything, I can be reached at bemmu@candyjapan.com

  3. #65022012-01-14 21:34:07Mairu said:

    So depending on the size of a "Standard Japanese Envelope" and the candy, candy amount will usually vary?