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  1. #69102012-01-16 03:28:47loploplopl said:

    Could I be a magical turtle? Cats don't exactly like me nor do I prefer cats. I am a reflection of a turtle, big, slow, somewhat lazy, don't really fight but I am great at protecting my self.

  2. #74432012-01-18 15:57:02lolikitsune said:

    Sayaka demonstrated that being granted a contract does not raise one's intelligence. As such, giving magical powers to a cat or bunny or other cute dumb language-lacking thing seems like a really bad idea.

  3. #78592012-01-20 11:30:24break said:

    oh, you actually bought that vinyl kyubey from lats years wonfes, @Gargron? nice work, though i think it was totally overpriced for a vinyl-product. i plan on gettign that charlotte muffler though.

    and everyoen, yor misnderstanding! this si actually the CAT giving kyubey a contract! this is how he becomes an alien with the power to create magicla girls.. cuz he made a contract with the cat to be "like you, mr.cat!" he atcually only wished for a more beautiful fur, btu the ccat made him a contract-anmal instea dtoo.. and this is where it all begins.. frustrated that his fur doesnt look any better, he starts **ing with little girl's souls out of frustration.. and in the background, the cat grins in the night..