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Parent: Japanese Light Novel

  1. #73002012-01-18 00:15:36 *Senkonna said:

    Then you need to rephrase your opening post:

    Hello, I am looking for someone to help me find Japanese light novels to buy on Amazon. Sadly I can't read ANY JAPANESE AT ALL, so can someone please help me find them in ENGRIIIIISH?

    Chances are, if you can't find it on Amazon.com listings, then it's not commercially available in English, and you have a few choices:

    • Wait for it to be licensed by an overseas publisher and published in English (LOLOLOLOLOLOL GOOD FUCKING LUCK)
    • Wait for fans to start translating it (Not as much LOL since I translate some shit myself, but still, good fucking luck)
    • Start learning 日本語 like your life depends on it (GOD FORBID YOU HAVE TO LEARN ANYTHING THOUGH)