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  1. Ao no Exorcist

    #7372011-12-26 22:28:10 *Ashkachan said:

    New thread. Talk about the anime and manga here!

    Summery taken from TV Troupes because I find it somewhat funny.

    The story revolves around Okumura Rin, who starts out as a boy who is somewhat of a delinquent and as such gets into fights. He is usually at odds with his adoptive father, Father Fujimoto Shirou. One day while Rin goes to a job interview that Fujimoto 'encouraged' (read 'encouraged' as 'threw objects at') him to check out, he starts seeing little black 'bugs' and runs into a group of kids he fought the other day. To his surprise, one of the kids is now a demon. Just as the demon is about to kill him, blue flames surround his body and burn his attacker. The demon realizes that Rin is the one he has been searching for: the son of Satan.

    While Rin is in total shock and disbelief, Fujimoto Shiro comes and exorcises the demon. He then describes how demons come from a world called Gehenna and can cross into our world (Assiah) by possessing a vessel of sufficient strength. He takes Rin back to the house to give him a sword that seals his demon powers and see him off, but unfortunately, Rin thinks it's all bullcrap and accuses Shiro of throwing him out. Double unfortunately, Satan decides to come in and say hello. Rin saves himself, but Father Fujimoto dies in the process. After the funeral, he is confronted by Mephisto, a member of the True Cross Order and a friend of Shiro's, and demands to join the True Cross Order and become an Exorcist.

  2. #7572011-12-26 22:56:56Settsuo-kun said:

    The anime is fine and all, but i'm hoping the manga picks up again. Any news on when the next chapter is supposed to be released?

  3. #8462011-12-27 02:18:18hais said:

    There's a movie coming out on ao no exorcist right? i can't wait for it~ i've only watched the anime but i really enjoyed it. a little disappointed in the ending though but i'm thinking about picking up the manga. the ova of kuro was super cute * O *

  4. #10062011-12-27 12:24:13Ecstasy said:

    according to MAL the movie is announced but there's no data or anything. only a scan of Jump SQ


    I don't know what is written there though xD

  5. #11922011-12-27 21:49:54ImagineBreaker said:

    The movie was announced immediately after the series ended.

    The anime was pretty great! Adapted the manga perfectly and even the anime diverging was well done....until the last episode. Seriously it's ending was disappointed given the build up that happened. It's like they were planning an epic finale but told they had to hold back because they were gonna do a movie as well. It felt incredibly sudden!

    But alas it was an enjoyable series that I'd recommend to all.

  6. #13292011-12-28 04:31:44Zephyr said:

    have you noticed that ao no exorcised have been frequently releasing specials?? maybe an ova 2 will be released or the movie =3

  7. #28592011-12-31 21:57:15Karu said:

    I like the anime but somehow the ending was disappointing. I was sad on that. Oh well can't do anything about it. At least the manga is still going. I hope the new chapter came out. I want to read it so badly. ^^! The story is getting more interesting but i just hope the ending is good because after what they did to the anime was pretty lame -______-............

  8. #38162012-01-03 18:20:29Yoko_x said:

    I've never actually seen the last episode. And it's been so long that I have to go back and watch from the beginning... OH BOO HOO (yay)

  9. #43282012-01-05 02:25:43kolulu100 said:

    It's an amazing anime but I wish that they would of continued the series. Seriously after 25 episodes they ended least have some more episodes :P Manga is AMAZING!!! <3

  10. #49422012-01-07 12:44:18shafnat said:

    I re-watched it, and it's really really fun!! i cried when yukio posessed by satan and rin try to wake yukio up.. :)

  11. #54092012-01-09 13:15:49Yoko_x said:

    I watched everything until the very last episode ('cuz it wasn't out yet). Then I got so busy I forgot to watch it. SO I have to watch it allll over again from the beginning... . . . . . Well! I'm not complaining~ It was great~

  12. #250252012-05-07 16:44:48 *LinSharon said:

    I rewatched it several times.And I really like it.The most exciting news for me is the movie will be on show in this winter in Japan!