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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #413682012-10-26 22:23:47 *SENsei said:


    ^ That's one rich school...

    How does have iMacs make a school rich? It could just be poor allocation of funds, just like my shitty old shitty HS! Macs everywhere but not an up-to-date textbook in sight.

  2. #413692012-10-26 22:34:41Ashkachan said:

    @bleachedsnow how does a school that hasn't updated the walls, carpet, textbooks=rich?

    the art department just gets a lot of money in my school, and Apple does donate their stuff. (A bunch of classes got iPads and stuff, for example.)

  3. #413702012-10-26 23:32:01Momimochi said:

    ^ That's one rich school...

    Oh hey, that's pretty much my school too, just, my school's known to be cheap as fuck. And that's putting it nicely.

  4. #413872012-10-27 05:45:26bleachedsnow said:

    My school doesn't have iMacs... or even Windows 7. We don't have carpet (mostly because we're an open air campus) or updated textbooks, and I'm not sure how walls can be updated. Our art department is being cut a lot too. Art 2, 3, 4 and AP are all in the same period. And if it weren't for outside funding, there wouldn't have been a piano/guitar class this year. Maybe my school's just really poor. California and all that.