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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #366642012-08-20 17:08:41 *shafnat said:
    your cat is so similar with mine! :)

    its 8 years old, it doesn't has any children yet, it is afraid of balloon, and it is drinking through washbowl faucet.
  2. #413682012-10-26 22:23:47 *SENsei said:


    ^ That's one rich school...

    How does have iMacs make a school rich? It could just be poor allocation of funds, just like my shitty old shitty HS! Macs everywhere but not an up-to-date textbook in sight.

  3. #413692012-10-26 22:34:41Ashkachan said:

    @bleachedsnow how does a school that hasn't updated the walls, carpet, textbooks=rich?

    the art department just gets a lot of money in my school, and Apple does donate their stuff. (A bunch of classes got iPads and stuff, for example.)