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  1. Winter 2012 Season Preview!

    #7762011-12-26 23:23:06 *HutchHutchenson said:

    Ok, so I didn't feel like finding one of those pictures that have all the info on them so I'm instead going to shamelessly plug an anime/manga blog that had all the info. (No, it's not my blog or anything. Just a blog I regularly visit.)

    Thoughts/Opinions? Anything in particular you're looking forward to?

  2. #7852011-12-26 23:40:58 *break said:

    ill be watching: anime: probably, but tendign to not, but will give them a chance: high school DxD, maybe: smile precure, rinne no lagrange, aquarion evol, recorder to randoseru, , mouretsu pirates, black rock shooter definately: Another, milky holmes s2, kill me baby, inu x boku SS, zero no tsukaima F, Nisemonogatari, Brave 10, senki zeshou symphogear, papa wo iu koto wo kikinasai

    i guess.

    OVA's: im too lazy for the list. will prolly just follow the ones for anime i watched, and oens that seem itneresting. liek always. and the ones for manga or light novel i like, like carnival phantasm, hellsing ultimate, maybe queens blade for good measure because i have soem of the figures from the QB rebellion line so im probably gonna follwo the new season tahtll feature them for them; i also ehard they actually put effort into the story for that thing, a sopposed to the first one. well holy knight, tale sof symphoia, black jack final, gyo and stuff liek taht seems maybe itneresting. its always a little of a riskplay with OVA's.

    Movies: gonna finish towa no quon~ of course other than that, the .hack movie, the new berserk movie, the dragon age movie . gothicmade, (kinda) strike witches and probably kizumonogatari are all scheduled for somewhere next season (though kizumonogatari might be mroe like spring, and well most liekly have to wait a bunch of months for the BD's of most of them anyways sicn most fansubbers dont sub before the BD#s come out, in the case of movies..)

    oh btu the BD for the sora no otoshimono movie will come out in 58 days, so still in that season and im definately gonna watch it.

    EDIT: just noticed taht papa wo iu koto wa... is by the same author as mayoi neko overrun, so i put it in the guaranbteed list.

  3. #8062011-12-27 00:28:17Ashkachan said:

    Another, possibly the new Aquarion series, annnndddd... that's pretty much it.

    Everything else is moe shit, which I am getting so tired of lately.

  4. #8072011-12-27 00:31:58break said:

    @Ashkachan id say while the term "moe-sit" is kinda a weird one sicne the original meaning of "moe" was something veeery reliant to personal taste-but i guess the term's been simplified sicne the times of k-on to have a term to describe stuff like it better.. nywa s id say at least nisemonogatari and brave 10 would noot really fall in taht cathegory either.. and stuff. of coure i disagree on soem other choices too ad soem yet other things cant even be known whattheyll be as of now, but well, tahst what im pretty usre of and you knowwhat i mean.

  5. #8482011-12-27 02:22:12shinu said:

    @Break knows a lot about anime related topics so yeah

    Well i am gonna watch milky holmes definitely and a lot of the ones @break name for i am too lazy to post it lol

  6. #8872011-12-27 03:43:54VivoDePyre said:

    I looked through the list, only found disapointment with slight glimmers of hope. New Aquarion might be good, as well as Ano Natsu...

    Then I reached the OVA list. There it was, a shining gem of hope in an ocean of despair.

    Black Jack final, Lupin, Toradora, Zetsubou Sensei, TOP O NERAE.

    It's like looking into a cruel joke made by an anime fanboy, trying to raise our hopes for a future that will never come. Among the crazy moe junk and bad new series, old classics are being rekindled. Some are even already out I didn't notice until now. Huzzah!

  7. #9102011-12-27 05:02:14animeftw said:

    TV: Zero no Tsukaima F Amagami SS+ Plus Another Kill Me Baby Inu X Boku SS Black Rock Shooter brave 10 (maybe)

    OVA: infinite stratos toradora

  8. #9302011-12-27 06:18:04break said:

    @VivodePyre oh another "everythign new is shit oh i mean moe-shit by default,t he only good things are the old things"-fag.... tho i do agree upon there beeign good OVA's. especially zetsubou sensei make sme hope for a fourth season~

  9. #9382011-12-27 06:49:45Ecstasy said:

    I'll give a try to - Nisemonotagari (this should be good), - Brave 10, - Aquarion, - Mouretsu Pirates, - and may be Another, - still thinking about remastered Gundam Seed :D

    OVAs, Movies: - Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, - Toradora, - Gyo, - Usagi Drop, - Steins;Gate, - Ura Marai Nikki, - Dragon Age: Blood Mage no Seisen (I'm goin to regret watching this one may be).

  10. #9442011-12-27 07:14:57VivoDePyre said:

    @break It's not bad because it's moe. It just so happens that bad anime has realized moe is really easy and really popular. For awhile, it was "another shit mecha" and then "another crappy magical girl" to "another damn children's game" and so on so forth. Right now, it's the moe phase. I didn't look at the art to declare something shitty. I read the synopsis in the link, and that convinced me.

    But yes, I am biased towards the classics. My intro into the anime fandom was via the classics.

  11. #9902011-12-27 11:26:07break said:

    @VivoDePyre then again, what you call "moe" here is not very similar to what wa sthe originak meaning of "moe", because originally, it was much more a matter of your own opinion; "moe" meant soemthign taht you, yourself, like in a way like a girl that makes oyu like her wihtout using anything erotic and awakenign your guardian instinct... which is not necesarily the thign you call moe today, because in essence, you can just disliek taht right? the original moe beeing a matter of own taste, it could nto be isliked by definition... i oyu get what i eman. its kidna hard to explain.

    ah come on, what exactly ARE "the classics"? anyone calls the shows from their own time when they wre introduced "the classics", some people see golden boy and arjuna as a classic, and other 1990's shows, and the older's of course see older stufffrom their tiem like captain harlock and the first gundam as "the classics"...

  12. #9952011-12-27 11:43:56VivoDePyre said:

    Well yes, Moe did at one point mean something to that effect. However, meanings change with time, and words are adapted to other things. Moe now also refers to an archetype of character. Young, no sexual appeal, high chance of cute appeal, etc. And as I said, the character/archetype isn't inherently bad. It's how it's applied, and that many studios are riding the wave of popularity following it.

    And I could define classic, but how about we go to an dictionary for a definition? states classic to be:

    "a. Belonging to the highest rank or class. b. Serving as the established model or standard: a classic example of colonial architecture. c. Having lasting significance or worth; enduring."

    Merriam Webster defines it as: "a : serving as a standard of excellence : of recognized value b : traditional, enduring "

    Classics are anime titles which have been viewed by critics and fans as timeless, enduring, well constructed, etc. They can be used as measuring sticks, and have considerably less flaws than other pieces. Not everything old is a classic, and you can have new classics too. When I say I was brought in on the classics, I mean that I didn't come into anime watching what was hot with the times. I picked a few new titles up, but I learned to love anime from Galaxy Express, Lupin, Cowboy Bebop, Gunbuster, etc.

    This is in no way some kind of elitist claim, I don't care how you got your start or what you enjoy. I'm just explaining why I'm not very warm to the new titles. People who liked Lucky Star and K-On might be more quick to give some of these new shows a try, but they're so vastly different than what I normally watch, I have no desire to hop on the wagon.

  13. #10052011-12-27 12:22:50reki said:

    NATSUME YUUJINCHOU SHI OBVIOUSLY. It's one of those feel-good anime I always look forward to. =w= And Nisemonogatari.

    Not sure about BRS and Another. I read the (Another) manga and I kinda find it boring.

    Too lazy to list OVAs... but Usagi Drop, definitely. AND WHAT. Rurouni Kenshin is going to be handled by Studio DEEN? WHY.