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  1. Life After SOPA and PIPA pass.

    #77762012-01-20 02:55:12 *Warlock said:
    I found this randomly, and I don't know who the author is, so I cannot give proper credits. Megaupload has fallen. Who will be next? Will SOPA and PIPA pass? I felt this comic was appropriate.
  2. #77772012-01-20 03:01:26 *Zetta said:

    T_________T no man T____T no...it cant stop T_______T

    EDIT: well i kinda stopped the emotional stuff and, even though this future seems this way, its not like technology all together will stop and its not like we are not gonan be able to communicate wiht ppl, there is always a way i guess.

  3. #77792012-01-20 03:16:30PureBoredom said:

    This really makes me sad of whether or not SOPA/PIPA passes as one day I may end up losing contact with some of you guys... Forced to wonder of the fates of my beloved friends just one of those days as I'm browsing about the internet.

    Oh. Its raining...

  4. #77832012-01-20 03:34:43tboles said:

    I think this sopa and pipa is idiotic.Yes the internet isn't completely safe and sure there's some piracy but who cares? people make their choice to go on the internet and therefore accept the risks that go along with it. And as for piracy all it is is data.Little strings of numbers and letters that people can reproduce easily.And sure people work hard to make that data but still better to just cut your losses and take what you can get.

  5. #77862012-01-20 03:57:20eterno said:

    Finally, first alternate history fiction about SOPA/PIPA is out! Let's just hope it stays that way!

    P.S.: What's with the page flip? P.P.S: Damn you, I just watched Hugo! Now, I can't stop the Waterworks!

  6. #77952012-01-20 04:56:40TalTal said:

    oh jesus that was depressing especially with the bang.

    Just remember guys, that if SOPA/PIPA/SomeOtherShit passes overnight and we haven't had a chance to say goodbye, that I really enjoyed my time with you guys. /mooshy feeling

  7. #78012012-01-20 05:42:38Inasda said:

    aww... sigh sadlly that will be me some day "Back in ei old days, SOPA could just such may d***" said inasda as a 70 yearn old virgin. lol

  8. #78052012-01-20 05:49:17Claire-chan said:

    aw...man..here come the waterworks. I...I must cry.... T______________________________T "See you space cowboys" Yup...That got me.

  9. #78132012-01-20 06:10:15Mykxiii said:

    I didn't expect it to sting this much when I found out this was a comic, but sheesh this is depressing. I don't want to lose anyone this way. Nobody does.

    SOPA/PIPA must die before this tragedy occurs. T_T

  10. #78402012-01-20 09:02:08SilentSun said:

    even though i'm new here, we're the colorless and we cant back down...we will do the best for this web and try not to make it gone. Lets do our best, colorless