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  1. #79222012-01-20 17:42:08Noodle said:

    If I remember correctly we downvoted the shit out of ACTA several years ago. Like back in 2009 or something. Maybe that was only something similar though.

    The fact that ACTA has been developed behind closed doors is an insult to Democracy and everything it stands for. It's simply not ok.

  2. #79252012-01-20 18:41:30hellstorm901 said:

    ACTA will hardly pass in order for it to make it into Europe it'll need to finally go into the European Parlament regardless of how many backdoors they use and to be honest with the backdraft from SOPA if it does pass it'll finally be the thing to assure Britain no longer remains in the European Union. No politician in this country wants an internet backdraft in supporting ACTA so none will and if the EU.SSR forces us to accept it.

    Then I vote we fuck the Eurozone up more, call in all our debts on EU members, refuse to pay our own to them and give every Allah fundamentalist in this country under the EUHRA a one way ticket on the Eurostar and lets see how they enjoy our misery.

  3. #79722012-01-20 22:53:58eterno said:

    That quote

    Because that's exactly what we need to wake up from this slumbering, do-nothing, "occupy everything," stagnant, non-action slump we Americans are in.

    Sums up my feeling towards the last few days of CL and the rest of the Internet. Hell, even way before that.

    I really think that SOPA still shouldn't pass but just like what Maddox said, the way Americans are doing it is pretty much harmless. That's why I recommend 'Anarchy' at the other thread, do anything that would be severely damaging towards the government in legal ways (directly or indirectly). For example, don't take the bus, crowd places to create congestion, or because we're talking about SOPA, spam websites with copyright materials.

    But of course, because it is SOPA, most of the actions we can do before its passing is very limited. I do know this though, if it passed, suddenly there will be a LOT that Americans can do in order to severely damage the government that is all but justified. Why? Because the government broke people's trust that's why!

  4. #80062012-01-21 01:31:02BboyNoblesse said:

    I love the time I was born in. Americans are finally saying "Fuck No" to our countries never ending bullshit. We are finally turning into a democracy ran by the people. Well, we possibly could.

    By ran by the people I mean the government fearing the people, not the other way around.

  5. #80622012-01-21 13:02:14Gargron said:

    @eterno Not taking the bus will damage the environment just as much as the company running the buses, unless you mean to replace it with bicycles and not own cars.

  6. #82012012-01-23 08:27:00eterno said:

    @Gargron Hey, it worked for MLK, Jr., why wouldn't it work today? Besides, buses are bad for the environment too! It's just lessening the damage by cramming as many people as you can in it.

    In regards to SOPA however, instead of taking the car or buses, people should just stay at home instead. No need to take buses then because nobody's going anywhere. The demand would be "I'm not going anywhere because I can live with just the Internet but if the sites keep 404'ing, how am I gonna eat?"

    OK, I was just kidding but boycotting the bus is actually pretty damn efficient of a protest especially here in San Francisco. You see, the bus line here is so complicated that I need to look up which line should I take on Google Maps in order to not get stranded in the next city. Now, if Google is shut down, how am I supposed to get around?

    Also about being a leader, you'll get the hang of it once you're put in the position. What you need to realize is that so many a 'good' leader aren't actually good. You know, just because you're 'decisive' and 'responsible' doesn't mean that everyone else feels like they're being 'led'.

    Most of the time Gar, the best leader is the one picked by the led. Which is why people are so big on democracy nowadays. Of course, with things like SOPA and ACTA, I don't know if democracy is even a thing anymore.