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  1. RP Storyline and Character Submition (Name to be Established)

    #79312012-01-20 19:43:04 *JacquesTheZombie said:

    The world you once knew is no longer there or so it was thought. I, the Great and powerfull GameMaster, have taken over your home with my beloved Zombiez. You have been abducted and put in my giant city to play and survive in The Games. You will be equiped with a S.T.A.N.(Skill Tracker And Neutralizer) which will track your stats and keep you from doing anything against my rules. I may be considered evil but that dosen't mean Im completely cruel and i show this to you with a game arcade where you can win Special Prizes and a Mall for you to shop in and buy upgrades and other items to aid you in survival. This is a City so you will be allowed too establish relationships and take them to a higher level. When you have defeated a enemy you will receive 3 things and they are Experience, DigiBits, and sometimes Items. Experience will be tracked through you S.T.A.N. and help you to become more powerful and Level Up. DigiBits is the Currency used in Appocalypse City and are given to you every timeyou defeat an enemy, finish a Mission, or find a treasure chest and are used to buy things in the Mall and can be used in the Arcade. Items will be randomly dropped from enemies but some will also be in treasure chests or are purchasable at stores. Character Sheet: Account Name: Your Accounts Name Character Name: Your Characters Name Age: How many years old you character is Gender: Male, Female, Other? Race: What kind of species you character is Class: What kind of Role/Fighter you character is Alignment: Good, Evil, or Neutral. (Lawfull and Chaotic, if you know what they are, apply) Description: How your character looks and their personallity. Pictures are allowed to be posted for description also. Origin: Your characters home (country, planet, Universe, etc.) and if you would like a brief description explaining why they are what they are.

    Have Fun everyone and i will check back later for character posts.

  2. #90052012-01-27 12:01:02Genepe said:
    User Na: Genepe
    Char Na: Gile ViFreon
    Gen, Age: Male, Nineteen
    Race: Human
    Class: Mechanic - Knowleged and skilled in the arts of creating, repairing and maintaining machinery
    Alig: Neutral
    Desc: With shaggy Indigo hair which thins to strands around his upper back, he holds a blank look on his face most of the time. Cyan eyes of his shows the boredom he tends to deny when asked. He goes for a violet and blue hued clothing mainly, in this case a violet hoodie without its sleeves and short jeans. The only sensible piece of clothing is his white ankle socks and black shoes, really. He always carries matching arm and leg warmers in case of cold weather or something.

    Gile keeps most things to himself, even more so in an unfamiliar place or with strangers. It's his nature to be observant and analyze before mingling with others, but that doesn't mean he will close himself off completely; he openly shows his emotions without much thought, such as smiling when amused, and can tend to be quite forceful when he deems necessary.
    He's a more 'act before thinking through' type when it comes to survival and battles though. Isn't easily fazed by grotesque scenes and immoral actions either thanks to his life of constant war.
    His taste in music is electronica, favours food that can be eaten quickly and likes tearing apart machinery bit by bit to see how it was made. Dislikes hot weather, chocolate [he once got food poisoning from eating one that looked okay but wasn't] and is an archenemy to water that isn't for him to drink. Absolutely hates getting wet, even a single drop on his finger can scrap his mood.
    His weapon of choice is his Guardian, a ball-like machinery the size of his head. There are two defensive layers around it; a blue plasma-like body, and quartered reinforced-steel plating over it. The plating is durable enough to clash with average blades and bullets with little impact, and in dire cases it can produce a forcefield around itself. It also triples as a mini storage space for his repair tools and as a 'third eye'; the brainwave sensors inside it sends visual images directly to Gile's brain. Also retrieves commands and energy source this way as well, which is why after a heated battle, he is usually mentally exhausted more than an average person.
    Origin: A random uninteresting country somewhere in a world without magic which is constantly being pulled to war by one reason or another. The resources available and the constant oppression had driven the country to sharpen their engineering skills; their everyday technology includes magnetism manipulation and brainwave driven machinery.
  3. #96982012-01-30 19:41:11JacquesTheZombie said:

    @Genepe I defiently approve! still waiting for more character submitions. If you could try and get peoples attention and tell them to post characters here htat would be awesome. Also, what did you think of my Storyline intro?

  4. #97852012-01-31 05:53:16crazymexican said:

    User Na: crazymexican Char Na: misty wolf Gen, Age: female 19 by appearance but in reality 2000 years old Race: dark angel Class: warrior- skilled with hand weapons Alig: good Desc: misty was sent down from heaven to suffer with the humans as a test of her will. she has long ago lost all contact with higher forces and has no divine power except for the ability to feel others pain and her retractable wings which allows her to glide small distances. she is immortal but not invincible though she will heal faster that humans. but this cost her savear pain. she has been alive on earth for 2000 years and in said time she has honed her skills in a wide range of swords and other hand weapons and martial arts. she dislikes fire arms due to the sound. she is very wise. extremely loyal and has a soft spot for those in need. but due to her appearance she is often mistaken for a demon and has been chasten by many ppl trough her existence on earth and thus slow in trusting ppl http://i1133.photobucket.com/albums/m581/hopelessromanticdrsaucy/misty.png image curticy of maple story cash shop

  5. #98572012-01-31 15:44:59 *TalTal said:

    Account Name: TalTal19 Character Name: Styx Sima Age: 19 (looks a few years younger) Gender: Female Race: Human, she's normally a race I made up, but she'll be human for this due to me not wanting to bother to explain the race. Class: Paranormal peacekeeper. She makes sure 'Oddities' and normal humans don't excessively kill each other, but she's not too thrilled about her job. She likes guns though, and the thrill of the hunt. PUT HER DOWN AS GUN-TYPE HUNTER, I GUESS. Alignment: Chaotic neutral. But leaning more on the evil side. Description: Wears a grey hoodie on top of a bright green short sleeve top. dark blue jeans. Has messy long black hair and green eyes. Has two 9mms on her hips and usually has a dark blue backpack with her to keep all her crap in (crap= anti-paranormal whatnots, books, unhealthy snacks, ect). She cannot emphasize at all with people and often is hugely smug or horribly grumpy, not to mention her job makes her pretty paranoid; but if you do manage to befriend her she is fiercely loyal. Hates it when amateurs try to deal with 'Oddities' since she sees that has stealing her job. Origin: She'll tell you she's Greek if you ask her, but she's just a normal American. Parents are gone, killed in a hostage situation. She probably should have seen it coming when she saw a banshee hanging outside her house a few days earlier. Now Banshees creep her the hell out and she can't deal with them.

    Edit: I doodled a quick head...thing... for her if anyone wants to know what exactly she looks like.