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  1. Your Favorite TWGOK girl.. [spoiler alert]

    #80472012-01-21 11:01:26 *chirio said:

    So here are some of TWGOK girls..

    I especially like Haqua cause she's awesome. She's the other new devil and the top-notcher in her class.. Haqua's strong point is her pride(when it conflicts with Keima) that makes her more moe.. I like how she tries to hide her feelings but which in all ways visible to the readers, though Keima doesn't realize it cause he's dense.. She's cute, have a good sense for justice(comes after her arc) and smart.. In addition, I also like Tenri, Shiori, Tsukiyo, Ayumi and the Kusonoki Sisters.. Why? Read it so you know..

    Now, which TWGOK girl do you like the most and why?

  2. #86532012-01-25 14:57:20 *animeftw said:

    fucking love Haqua,but i also liked Kanon even if she was crazy with the tazors and her singing was awesome hell i was even gonna buy her Singles but im short on cash OTL.also Jun the teacher was also anohter of one of the girls i liked(was actually my fav Arc to watch :3) we also need Dat season 3

  3. #207232012-04-03 03:26:01animeftw said:

    with the recent chapters going on im loveing Ayumi top 5: 1.Haqua 2.Kanaon 3.Jun Nagase (The Student Teacher) 4.Ayumi 5.Elsie

  4. #293052012-06-12 16:57:52chirio said:

    I really thought that TWGOK was ending on that last arc but I was relieved it wasn't.. and now reshuffling my preference.. I add Chihiro in my list.. The heroine among heroines.. Ayumi becomes my second fave.. and Haqua still at top.. Now, I wish Tenri gets more exposure..

  5. #293062012-06-12 17:03:53chirio said:

    Maybe by this time it will be pretty difficult to add more girls in Keima's life (except maybe make them the story's opponent or make them short encounters).. This is due to the number of those who fell for him (6 hosts, 1 goddess, 1 demon, 5 potential[goddess]).. What do you guys think?