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Parent: How do you come up with good net names?

  1. #83542012-01-24 05:28:43 *Senkonna said:

    I threw together a bunch of random ass kanji and started thinking up different ways to read them, just a bunch of mixing up with kunyomi and the onyomi.

  2. #83572012-01-24 05:40:51eterno said:

    A quirk of understanding Japanese I guess...

    I only know a few unfortunately. (大電車)の読み方は何ですか?

    Or what if I just throw kanji randomly? 成当雨商品泳 How would they be read?

  3. #83592012-01-24 05:50:26 *Senkonna said:

    You can get pretty liberal with it. If it isn't accompanied by furigana, I'd read 大電車 as だいでんしゃ or おおでんしゃ; I guess you could read it as おおきでんしゃ, but usually おおき is written 大き (though I've read tons of literature that just have 大 already and still read as おおき, but it's pretty uncommon/irregular).

    成当雨商品泳 can be read a shit ton of ways, and I be too lazy to list them. Japanese naming is pretty convoluted because parents usually try to name their kid something special, but not special as in the pronunciation of their name, but special in the characters used to form their names, that's why it's pretty fucking annoying to guess someone's name if only given kanji. It's also why when people introduce themselves via naming, they'll tell you the characters that make up their names as well. For example: "MY NAME IS XXX XXX, WRITTEN WITH THE CHARACTER FOR SEX AND THE CHARACTER FOR BLOWAHUGELOADINME."

    Or something like that.

    EDIT: Oh right, forgot to mention there are also names that use no kanji at all (and it's not limited to only foreigners), but that has nothing to do with coming up with net names.

  4. #83682012-01-24 06:34:18eterno said:

    Oh yeah, I remember that scene from Black Rock Shooter, yeah lol, Japanese people must have been teased of their surnames a lot when they're in elementary school!

    But, how do you get the perfect combination? I mean many Japanese people have pretty much a mix and match name, right? But how could 'SUPERHEROJUSTICE' and 'ROLLERCOASTEROFDOOM' be read as Hiroyuki?

    Or how do you come up with names like in DRRR! ? I mean, everyone's name there seems to have perfect combination.

    Lastly, how is 'Hiroshi' and 'yakyuu' (baseball) related?

  5. #83752012-01-24 07:06:18Senkonna said:

    Errr, can't say I know much about that last one other than Hiraoka Hiroshi was credited for introducing baseball to Japan.

    As for the perfection combination, it's pretty much whatever the fuck the parents want it to be. Most will name their kid based on common onyomi or kunyomi readings, so not every name's characters are nonsensical, but just know that if a parent wanted to, they can say "read it as Dick, and write it as [insert any fucking character they want]".

  6. #84032012-01-24 09:35:20eterno said:

    Oh, ok.

    How would you read 古川 then? Apparently my name is old/middle english for 'old river' (which is the river closest to the sea) and quick google translate gave me that and the reading is ふるかわ and is a surname but what would be alternate readings for it?

  7. #84092012-01-24 09:51:56 *Senkonna said:

    If you're just going strictly by the common on and kun readings, there are a lot of different combinations, but here are a few common ones used as names:

    こかわ/こがわ ふるがわ/ふるかは こが こせん

  8. #84142012-01-24 10:03:54Senkonna said:

    Honestly, I don't really know; I'd probably hit up a dictionary site that has the readings for 古 and 川 and start messing around with different combinations.