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  1. Was Megaupload shutdown because it was going legit?

    #84802012-01-24 17:10:58Gargron said:

    Last Thursday the US Justice Department came down hard on Megaupload and its mega founder, Kim Dotcom. In the days since, there has been a shake-up of sorts in the digital storage realm. Several smaller sites have drastically changed their business models. Others, like MediaFire, reached out to me after I published this post attempting to distance themselves from Megaupload.

    However, yesterday, a new theory surfaced that indicates Megaupload’s demise had less to do with piracy than previously thought. This theory stems from a 2011 article detailing Megaupload’s upcoming Megabox music store and DIY artist distribution service that would have completely disrupted the music industry.

  2. #84872012-01-24 18:04:45One said:

    If megaupload was gonna do a ballsy move that was the right time to do it. It's like adding a tankful of gasoline to a boy scout bonfire. Okay so that was a bad way to put it but heres a video to distract you from it : D

  3. #85002012-01-24 19:24:11JoJoBird said:

    That makes angry reading that, politics nowadays are set on keeping the powerful fed and the progressive in prison, this Megabox would've been huge, it sounded like such a great ideal to pay the artists. This article must be spread and use the power of the people's voice again to stop the madness. The whole SOPA thing could've an extreme plot to get rid of Megabupload, distract us with shutting down the internet so they can sweep in and take down a site that could've crippled the greedy music and film industry. or rather those big fat guys in tophats and cigars.

  4. #85162012-01-24 20:22:47One said:

    @JoJoBird has got a point I didn't even realize. Yeah, it could be the other way around too and use SOPA to get rid of megaupload rather than megaupload using SOPA to keep the companies distracted on something else while they make their move.