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  1. Post Your Art!

    #862011-12-25 09:22:50 *Settsuo-kun said:
    Like the former, post all your artistic creations. Yes, that is an order!

    No matter how it looks, it's yours and you should be proud to show it off~
  2. #9972011-12-27 11:53:54 *reki said:

    I'm pretty new to digital art so... v_v It may be a while before I actually make anything remotely mind-blowing.

    Before you comment that Gilgamesh's armor is wrong, there is actually a reason behind this (which I will not elaborate).
  3. #10682011-12-27 17:22:00 *Hulz said:
    @wanderlust you should soften the edges a bit for the shadow so they blend into the background more... there should be a settings for it in the lights option under shadow tab. Not quite sure what's the setting called in 3ds max if your still using it. I've been using maya now. hmm also seems like you turned shadows on for all yours lights which is not a good idea.

    just one of my assignments I had to do... had to make a background for our 3d animation (imgur... thanks for ruining the quality...)
  4. #10692011-12-27 17:25:27 *wanderlust said:

    @Hulz I haven't used 3DSmax in a while it was kind off pissing me off since it has too much ribbons to tweak, one reason why my works don't look that realistic is that I am using SketchUp I just started not so long ago so I'm kinda new to it. I'm thinking of going back to 3ds but the thing is it is so damn difficult to find a cracked copy of vray for it

  5. #10712011-12-27 17:47:57Hulz said:

    3d scenes can get complicated and messy because there's so much objects in it and how they interact with each other. so setting up the lights can be kinda hard sometimes. but if you know the program well and plan how the scene looks, it helps while making the scene. that's why its good to stick to one program because you will slowly forget to use the old one as your learn the new... like how I kinda forgot how to use 3ds max because I've been using Maya. also 3ds Max having a complete new look for 2011 version doesn't help

  6. #10722011-12-27 17:58:11wanderlust said:

    One more thing about lights is that If I use 3dstudio max it'll make my laptop lag like hell, Rendering needs too much ram and it kills other apps once you render your work especially when you exceeded the max number of lights your laptop/pc can handle.

    As for now I won't be able to use 3dstudio max since it consumes too much ram, I include a lot of things in my designs so it'll just make me lag, as for maya there aren't much tutorials for interior design so the best app option for me to use would be sketch up.

    as for setting up the lights I'm basing things on my hand drawn ceiling plans (so I ergonomically wise, I know the spaces between where will I put the lights or on what designated area), I have knowledge in putting lights on 3ds so as setting the right amount, but like what I said above, it kills my laptop.

  7. #10782011-12-27 18:19:54Hulz said:

    rendering in 3d doesn't take up much ram. It uses Cpu, in windows task manager / performance you can see cpu usage is like 100% when rendering and memory which is the ram doesn't get used as much. So rendering on a laptop is defiantly not good unless it has a really good inbuilt cpu... I usually render on multiple computers because it's a Animation and renders lots of frames which takes hours...

    also DO NOT use maya for interior design. Maya is not for that... stick to 3ds max which is better for interior design.

    That's good how you have something to base of off before making it in 3d and having the knowledge you have for interior design helps ALOT in how the lights should look and where to place them. before even starting the 3d we have to do a lot of planing and sketches to get a idea of where everything is, and since you already good at the 2d sketches of the interiors that helps when making the 3d since you know where everything goes.

  8. #10792011-12-27 18:22:50Hulz said:

    another angle of the same Scene.
    I think we turned this thread into a discussion on 3d backgrounds lol
  9. #10802011-12-27 18:25:49wanderlust said:

    I don't have multiple computers, I only have a single laptop :< and my friend did interior design using Maya :)) we'll he's an expert a multimedia artist.

    Well as designers we should know where to put and not to put lights, there's also a limit to a number of lumens that we should install in a room. we don't want it to become either hot or cold. and we do have a lot of plans, we have sections, and different views and the perspective of the entire object, we also include the color palettes in our plans, to make things easier, we also do electrical and auxiliary plans

  10. #10822011-12-27 18:27:29wanderlust said:

    and btw one problem i hate about sketchup is that its camera positioning sucks, unlike in 3ds max you can position almost anything, anywhere, while sketch up has too many restrictions,

  11. #10912011-12-27 18:56:37Hulz said:

    well Maya can be used to make interior design, but it's just better to use 3ds Max if your just specializing in interior design. I like using maya for modeling and animating because I'm more use to it now. It's which ever you prefer.

    That's heaps more planing then I ever will do for my scenes lol. All I did for my background scene planing was sketches of ideas, concepts for the lighting and colour schemes to match the mood of the animation. I decided to make it blue colour scheme to make it look cold and dark because the character was in a jail trying to escape.

    3ds max and maya have soo much options in it and freedom it gets really complicated. so just takes time to learn most of the stuff and practice a lot in the program gets you more familiar with it.

  12. #15742011-12-28 18:55:43 *Arachne said:

    alt.text Link for a bigger picture

    Tried to draw something more simple aka a Zelda character. I hate my scanner for ruining the coloring everytime, it really hates pastel colors :C


    A wip