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  1. #171022012-03-10 19:52:51hais said:
    i wish i had a tablet or at least a scanner sobs had to edit it in photoshop cos i forgot to outline....
  2. #211352012-04-07 04:29:46wanderlust said:

    Did this because I was bored with life :<
    anyway, I'd appreciate it if you guys view my work and click on the "appreciate this" button below the page :D

  3. #220682012-04-15 08:04:27Matt said:

    TG:yo sup john whats with the celebration is it some sort of special occasion or something

    this is really dumb but I drew it for 4/13 so whatever
  4. #220692012-04-15 08:05:59Matt said:

    also I drew himari from mawaru penguindrum it's kind of like a fake screenshot but not really because there's nothing written and I only added the black lines to see what it would look like