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  1. #341992012-07-26 15:19:54sully said:

    On amazon all the tablets are cheaper during December! and everything goes down to roughly half price!

  2. #341642012-07-25 22:33:04judar said:

    @TalTal19 So pretty and neat ♥ Q W Q

    @Arachne you make that look so graceful faskljsal He's WORTH IT //hairflip

    Uhh all I've been doing is pixels lately fkajfall //my tablet sucks so all done with mouse ;A;

    I need to do something proper soon but my hands can't co-operate ;A;


  3. #366632012-08-20 17:07:21judar said:

    I couldn't find a pencil OTL I am such a retard fmkasmgdmg

    Than I found out I left it behind my ear gkagal I so smart.

    Plus no scanner because I am a poor, poor rabbit //sawb

  4. #368772012-08-21 12:17:16T-man said:

    @Lotto DUDE I LOVE IT YOUR POST ON PAGE ONE ITS HOT I like how you worked the strechmarks with the arms and hair Its a cool peice

  5. #424002012-11-11 05:19:42judar said:

    you guys are all so amazing ahh wow!

    All I have at the moment is a paint I did today

    and another doodle that is icky u - u