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  1. Armored Core V: Out Now!

    #89692012-01-27 05:15:05 *Settsuo-kun said:

    The Armored Core Universe centers around one awesome super amazing aspect and makes it work oh god it makes it work!

    Oh what's that aspect? I'm glad you asked, see it's...

    Awesome Mother Fucking Robots!

    Excuse my fandom...(cough)

    Armored Core 5 is being developed by From Software. From Software is the studio behind such cult hits as Demon's Souls and Dark Souls(eeeeek<3)

    Armored Core 5 makes it return to tactics. With a very advanced mutiplayer component. While I could explain it this video showcases it so much better.

    Awesome Right!?!

    Armored Core V Drops

    March 20, 2012[NA] March 23, 2012[EU] March 2012(date not specified)[AU] January 26, 2012[JP]

    Here's more videos to help whet your appetite!

  2. #90082012-01-27 12:14:10Xyopq said:

    I totally want this. Unfortunately, it comes out a day after the Vita, so it'll be a while before I can get it. The customization options on AC have always been amazing and it looks like the multi-player has improved a lot from the last one too.

  3. #95242012-01-29 21:37:48Wolfangle said:

    important notice

    you can sign up for a Japanese psn account and download the armored core 5 demo now, the multiplayer severs are down tho..and it might be hard to understand

  4. #95512012-01-30 00:51:04Settsuo-kun said:

    Awesome I'll be going to download it ASAP! I'm also looking forward to the possible builds. I'm most likely going to be a defensive player or operator when possible<3

  5. #95642012-01-30 03:59:13Wolfangle said:

    o.o its all about speed and offensiveness xD :3 i can just imagine when the severs start up for the demo..and its mixed with english and japanese voices xD

  6. #96512012-01-30 15:12:11 *Wolfangle said:

    D: i made a japanese account but i cant read where the demo's are...i saw ppl on youtube already have the demo..but i cant find it

    EDIT: :3 ok, its the same place as where the usa demos are at...but they say you can wait till an armored core banner shows up

  7. #187312012-03-20 05:51:53Settsuo-kun said:

    Armored Core V is being released tomorrow. So who here's without a doubt buying it? I might go lone wolf for a bit, but a Colorless team would be pretty epic.

    If you pre-ordered you get either a 168-piece Heavy Assault Set(Gamestop), or a 168-piece Recon Set(Amazon).

    I'll be posting my builds here as well. From my failures to my flagships.

  8. #191122012-03-22 01:35:36 *Settsuo-kun said:

    Bump ;_;

    Anyone playing AC5 yet? If so got any builds you like or are trying to create. What do you think so far>

    I've got a huge post I'm writing now, my builds, what's happening, etc. Let's just say my AC's are pretty bad ass right now. I've got a flagship which basically devastates all enimies, and a recon unit with the firepower to drop an Fortified AC in no time flat.

  9. #243322012-04-30 20:25:35Caarbite said:


    @Trev, yeah, it feels and looks alot more like AC2/3 and plays similarly to 4/FA. And @Wolfangle it's awesome. AC's always been a game under the radar but it's definitely a hidden gem IMO. @Settsuo-kun So what console is everyone on? And teams?

    I'm on PS3: SilverrStream- (exactly how it is up there) Weekend player in GMT. I also have a team with just me and a friend (casual, daily) atm. Team lvl 30 (climbing easily). The team's called WhiteSteel. @ me if you wanna join..