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  1. Denpa Kyoushi

    #9062011-12-27 04:56:56 *shinu said:

    This is a manga that just found out about. And i honestly like this one. Well its pretty out a major otaku, neet,hikikmori guy who his sister applied a job for him at a school. His tactics and his views about teaching are a little unorthodox. But its quite funny in my opinion. So i was wondering if anyone will like to try this manga out even though its still fairy new.

  2. #46752012-01-06 13:11:32break said:

    so basicallly, school of rock for otaku? then again, if hes got ajob now, hes not a neet anymore...

  3. #503232013-03-10 13:30:45MyOWN said:

    I like this very interesting manga, i hope there will be an anime for this

    another one is the world god only knows. i think it has the same protagonist's personality.

  4. #503272013-03-10 15:29:59DarkChaplain said:

    So here I was, typing up a very nice "hey OP, y u no introduce the topic a bit more interestingly before giving yo personal opinion" reply before I realized that this thread is ridiculously old and somebody just felt like necroing this to prove his ignorance on the topic.

    Good job, you exhausted my "Be Nice to People"-capabilities