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  1. #94132012-01-29 11:00:01eterno said:

    Guys, do you know how to pronounce 'r' in French? I've been trying to get it right but then I got lots of mucus in my mouth, Eeewww!

  2. #95892012-01-30 06:49:33canon said:

    @pigboss c'est pas le musique francais, ca c'est le musique de flight of the concords! @eterno it's a tough sound to get right. you have to practice a lot. but basically if you just keep trying to roll your tongue in the back of your throat, you'll get it. think of it like sometimes when you sigh and you get that weird fluttering sound that comes from your throat. that's what you're aiming for when pronouncing a french "r".

  3. #96492012-01-30 14:35:38Kyuuun said:

    oh mon dieu. i love this song. trop drol. it's even funnier when you're french and you listen to this omg lololol.