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CL's Greatest

  1. #11632011-12-27 20:54:41 *Maryam said:

    Yes, Perry. You are the best newfag ;_____________; hands down.

    ALSO: Get ready to be tagged a shitload, people

    ALSO ALSO: Please dont just make a category to vote for your friend. Make one that applies to several people at least.

  2. #12122011-12-27 22:38:19Maryam said:

    People, please dont get butthurt if you do not win a category or are not nominated. This is simply for fun and remembrance of the old site.

  3. #12962011-12-28 02:08:25Momimochi said:

    -Best troll: @VolkieVolks -Best mod: Fuck. I'm stuck between @Lumiex's hardcore thread-merging and @N1xx's sweetness. -Best CL mom: @Shirosuke. Hands down. -Best gang/group: Seitokai. -Best pairing: SteviehXPhones. Obviously. -Best nigga Asian: ........ @Spooky? I don't know? -Funniest member: @SENsei hands down. -Most popular: @Gargron -Best lurker: @Hika

    Yes. That's about it.

  4. #13002011-12-28 02:45:58Matt said:

    yumi omg you voted me for best trap

    I don't know I vote for me and @canon as best sisters and I don't know what else to vote for

  5. #13132011-12-28 03:24:51Sushi said:

    Yes, of fucking course I have a flat chest, I'm a sexy slender boy.

    Why are people even talking about my ass.