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  1. write a day

    #9852011-12-27 11:19:15 *Inasda said:


    so write a day is just a page where you right what ever you want with in the 16-below marker (dirty jokes allowed) (detailed adult jokes are a no no) (someone please tell me if theres a spoiler thingy like in the old cl) rules: -write anything you would like a poem,a short story, how is life, how i met your mother, etc.. -have fun _feel free to critasize -every time you post, do your best to number your post (example) V---V---V

  2. #9882011-12-27 11:19:45 *Inasda said:


    the wind blows in the night rulentlus of its cource i see the end (probably not a poem) num 1-3 are examples and ya keep nummbering them (use the "#" to bold number)

  3. #9892011-12-27 11:19:58 *Inasda said:


    life is so short its like everything comes and goes now. This Christmas, i got a zipper hoodie, which is what i wanted for a long while. But looking 2-5years back, things have changed.

    2004, Seattle washington every thing was bright, joyful, and nice.

    2010, Seattle washington stores are closed, everything is gloomy, AND A COLD BITTERNESS RAGES THROUGH MY HEART.

    life changes, and people move on,

    just look forward and dont look back by inasda

  4. #96032012-01-30 09:01:45Genepe said:

    I have a cookie in my hand~ I have a cup of milk in my hand~ I have a chilly ice bag on my hand~ I have a computer on my hand~

    ops, I dropped them all :c