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Parent: Winter 2012 Season Preview!

  1. #9902011-12-27 11:26:07break said:

    @VivoDePyre then again, what you call "moe" here is not very similar to what wa sthe originak meaning of "moe", because originally, it was much more a matter of your own opinion; "moe" meant soemthign taht you, yourself, like in a way like a girl that makes oyu like her wihtout using anything erotic and awakenign your guardian instinct... which is not necesarily the thign you call moe today, because in essence, you can just disliek taht right? the original moe beeing a matter of own taste, it could nto be isliked by definition... i oyu get what i eman. its kidna hard to explain.

    ah come on, what exactly ARE "the classics"? anyone calls the shows from their own time when they wre introduced "the classics", some people see golden boy and arjuna as a classic, and other 1990's shows, and the older's of course see older stufffrom their tiem like captain harlock and the first gundam as "the classics"...