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  1. #102512012-02-02 17:34:07sully said:

    i'm gonna do what i always do on valentine.

    me + my buddies + speaker + worse pick up line + chocolate = one hell of a day

  2. #102542012-02-02 17:53:08JacquesTheZombie said:

    Good one @SENsei but to be honest with you i just wanted a girl to spend some time with this Valentines and not sleep with her, im telling the truth. But seriously you are a genius for pulling that one and tell anyone who helped that you got me good and i accept defeat. But seriously is there any real girl out there who would like to talk to me Valentines Day?

  3. #103822012-02-03 14:06:12TokoyamiSenshi said:


    Go sit by a river or something. Girls fall for guys who manage to look intelligent and entranced by the sunset while actually thinking about boobs and being half asleep. And when she approaches, bam! Tell her how it sucks to be alone on valentine's day and ask her if she wants to see your stamp collection. It can't backfire, man, it's almost as great of a plan as asking people on the internet if they wanna hang out with you on valentine's day.

    But seriously, if you're such a pure guy, have some of that old-fasioned pride.

    @SENsei: It would be fun to have you as an enemy :)

  4. #104372012-02-03 19:15:03JacquesTheZombie said:

    @TokoyamiSenshi I wish i was that lucky to run into a girl just by sitting by a river. Seriously though most girls around my age and area are annoying sluts who would never take the time to see a romantic guy like me and not look past his looks. Im not "ugly" im just a big guy and i am a smart (and slightly insane) guy who likes to sit peacefully by a river or lake and just talk to a girl without immediatelly going strait to the thought of "I wonder if I'll get any tonight?" But like i said earlier most girls my age are looking at my apperance and not my actions and personallity. The only girls that like me for me I cant really get with since one just wants to be my friend and the other has a boyfriend who, for some reason, she wont break up with even though he is a jerk.

  5. #104522012-02-03 20:30:23TokoyamiSenshi said:

    @JacquesTheZombie: What can I say, deal with it. It's something all sane men have to fight against. Some fight it using video games, some get themselves a 2d girlfriend, some just go with the flow and give them sluts what they want, but hey, there are rare examples of those who actually meet intelligent girls!

    Yeah anyway, you shouldn't feel frustrated about such things. In the world of today, being surrounded by idiots is a natural thing, what really hurts is the age when you start realizing it. But you'll get over it eventually.

    Get yourself a cat. Cats love lonely people. And food. They're somewhat machiavellist by nature but at least they're not brainwashable dumbasses like dogs. Not that I don't like dogs.

    Just do stuff you like doing. With your cat. Especially on Valentine's day.

    Okay, this sounds like trolling now so Imma stop. But seriously, being depressed about it is like looking for food in trash cans only to get disappointed because everything stinks.

  6. #113212012-02-07 08:32:40cbSKY said:

    @Yukimaru It's not that I don't get it, it just doesn't surprise me. Well I have my own way of spending Valentine's Day. And I'm 15 years old.

  7. #114862012-02-08 00:55:11Momimochi said:

    Doesn't matter if you're 15. Hell, I'm 15 (well, 16 in a day and a half). Just get yourself a girl and start doing your part of the job to perserve your race. Unless if you're a homosexual. If that's the case, donate your sperm.