"I used to have a life before The Colorless"

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Hey there names Almond like the nut. I take gallons of precious water and come out full of protein. I'm hard on the outside but a full blown basket case once you get to know me. ^ ^ Anyways, I won't be on here that much bcuz I'm a newbie and I prefer the easy drrr chat site bcuz I have friends their too. At least I consider them friends. That's only bcuz I'm so educated and young that no one understands the nut case I am XD

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    It's Almond!!

    Hey so according to my name I'm just hard on the outside and a basket case inside, but I'm actually none of that. The names Almond b'cuz I didn't use to be sturdy but now I am-of course i'm still breakable. Who isn't (excluding fiction and myth)? Anyways, I don't actually read manga or watch enough anime to become a die hard fangirl, I know the basics. I just wanna be inn this chat because people like you hold a passion and I wanna try it out ^ ^