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99th percentile

Bavalt joined on Apr 27th, 2010, since that has made 68 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Bavalt has given 72 upvotes, and was last online on Jun 12th, 2019.

  • In What Brought You to Colorless?

    @Kinnear (then Drentii) and I stumbled upon this place while the first season of Durarara!! was airing and it was something of a fan site. We thought the dynamic of the dollars seemed pretty cool, and this was a place that was trying to capture something similar. While he was more active, though, I was mostly a lurker, and I left after a month or two. He managed to convince me to return some time after he'd come back himself, and after managing to come out of my shell a bit more this time, I've since stuck around.

  • In Magical Banana

    If you say trilateration, I think illuminati.

  • In Winter 2017 Anime Chart

    Only a couple titles I'm very interested in the winter season, which is good, since I have a lot to catch up on from fall and summer. Definitely gonna be continuing Rakugo and Konosuba, though, and Chaos;Child has that telltale 5pb semicolon, so that'll merit a look too. March Comes in Like a Lion being a two-cour is also good news.

  • In The Rhyme Game

    One more time, create a hit - it can't be faint, my friends.

  • In Favourite Teacher

    The same prof taught basically all of the sci-fi/fantasy stuff in the lit department while I was going to uni, and she was awesome. Most of the courses I did were small, discussion-heavy formats (one of the upsides of focusing on the humanities), and many of the profs were agreeable and liked to make class fun, but this one stood out among the others regardless. She was clearly really into what she was teaching (though again, that wasn't too uncommon - I should mention that I really liked my uni in general), and the material was all stuff that I really liked too, so I guess I respected that she had such a deep, contextualized understanding of those areas of fiction - she was like a higher level of nerd. I ended up signing up for every course that I saw her name on. By the time I was getting to writing my honours essay, she was the department head, so I'm not sure how much she actually teaches anymore.

  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    They don't reverse either direction. Rather, if you turn around, you see things from the reverse perspective because your body is situated differently. If you do a handstand instead of turning normally, for example, you'll see things reversed vertically instead of horizontally, and if you always did it that way (somehow), it would seem to you like mirrors only reversed up and down, and not left and right.

  • In What do you do when you can't fall asleep?

    It doesn't take much to get my mind wandering once I lie down, and usually after a while, it hits a free-association sort of state where I'm just thinking about things consecutively and without any context, and that transitions straight into sleep. I sometimes listen to white noise or quiet ASMR videos - faint sensory information can coax my thoughts along.

    Usually, when I can't sleep, it's because I've got something in my head that's interesting or (less common) stressful enough to keep my mind from wandering. When that's the case, I'll just stay up longer and engage or distract myself (depending on the thing keeping me up). The worst thing to do is to just stay in bed and try to force yourself, but if you're making an effort to stay awake, fatigue tends to sneak up on you faster than you'd expect.

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  • In Unpopular Opinions

    Tread carefully - I get a bit ranty.

    • While I believe prohibition would do more harm than good due to the way some groups would react, I think alcohol is extremely dangerous and should be treated as such, like most other mind-altering substances, as much of a pipe dream as that is.

    • Gender is a social construct that we're better off without. People who claim gender dysphoria (or, really, any sort of identity dysphoria) are acting from legitimate stress (unless they're faking it to be trendy), but are misidentifying the source of this stress (social, not psychological) and failing to grasp how damaging the direction they're pulling this issue in is. The best way is to toss gender out the window and act like you want to, without labeling yourself in the process - if you make a big deal out of it, then you're reinforcing the labels. It's okay to get a sex change, but it only makes sense if your motivation is physical or sexual.

    • Objectivity is impossible, and claiming an objective view is a sign of mental laziness or a fear of opinions other than your own. Induction is a shortcut we take for the sake of mere practicality. Exactly none of science is fact (the entire point of the scientific method is to recognize that), and in a debate, empirical evidence should always be subjected to logical scrutiny. If your argument is that something can only be a certain way because it always has, you're committing a logical fallacy.

    • Everything is predetermined. Probability does not exist. It's merely a shortcut we take to explain factors we don't (think we) understand. A coin flip is said to be 50/50, but if you were able to track and calculate all the physical factors that act on the coin, you'd be able to predict it with complete accuracy (of course, it's impossible to explicitly know every factor, because there might be some we can't know.) Free will only has meaning -because- we're predetermined to make the choices we do. A choice made at random is not a choice at all; rather, we choose what we consider to be better, and would have always made the same choice under the same circumstances, because that's what identity is all about.

    • Most of today's mental disorders are just aspects of a person's personality, and don't deserve to be treated as problematic. Take the label away and stop medicating them, and most of these people would be fine. They only have a problem because they're told they do, and fixate on it. The exceptions are those who are dangerous or are experiencing hallucinations or delusions. (And even in the latter case, who's to say that they don't know something we sane people don't?)

    • Censorship is only permissable in the case of actual footage of a person being harmed. Artistic expression should be hindered by nothing (though artists should obviously be held accountable for their actions like anyone else), and "protecting" people from unpopular opinions is borderline unethical. People should be exposed to opinions that they don't like, so as to contextualize and further develop their own beliefs. Every opinion has validity from some perspective.

    • The terms "natural" and "artificial" are meaningless. Everything that can exist is "natural".

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    I don't really have a "type".