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99th percentile

Beware, mortal. The profile page you seek, it's not meant for mere humans. It's very content will melt your mind and explode your eyeballs...

... For these reasons, you're getting my profile page instead!

... If you're disappointed, I'm not surprised... I'd be too :D

Bayne joined on Mar 15th, 2016, since that has made 66 posts that are still accessible today, 5 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Bayne has given 159 upvotes, and was last online on Dec 6th, 2017.

  • In Funniest Thing You Saw All Day? 2

    Definitely an under appreciated animator

  • Collaborative writing

    It's simple, I'll write an opening sentence, someone else writes the next and so on until we have a dumpster-fire of a story we can all admire and regret.



    1. Safe for work (cursing is allowed but only if it's creative)

    2. One sentence per post

    3. You cannot write another sentence immediately after your last

    4. There's no limit to the number of sentences you can write overall

    Starting sentence: "This..." began Helen, gesturing towards the magnificent machine with big animated movements and a maniacal grin, "will solve all of our problems, forever!"

  • In Anime Fandub Parodies
    1. Better character development
    2. Better plot
    3. Funnier
    4. Better script writing
    5. Includes more video game themes (which the whole story is centered on, btw)
    6. Actually has a satisfying ending
    7. Characters are more imaginative and less cliche
    8. Sorry Evo, I hate the original
    9. Don Snuffles
    10. It's just an improvement, okay?
  • In Aussie CL Thread 2.0

    I don't get this Australian identity thing I keep hearing about. I'm not a fan of sports, I'm repulsed by the idea of alcohol, I don't know if I even have an Australian accent. Am I Australian?

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Me a few days ago:

    Eh, the first game wasn't too difficult, how hard can Dark Souls 3 be?

    Me now:

    Stumbles and crawls weakly towards the bonfire, on the brink of death Praise the ever loving sun I'm saved!

  • In Funniest Thing You Saw All Day? 2

    In another world line, this show exists

  • In Funniest Thing You Saw All Day? 2


  • In What do you dream?

    My dreams have consistencies. There's always a city, always a girl I'm meant to find. I enter whatever city my subconscious chooses (last night it was San Francisco) and start exploring. It seems that no matter which direction I choose, I'll eventually cross paths with her. My dreams end when she turns around and smiles at me

    I think I'll teach myself to have lucid dreams and ask her who she is

  • In CL Short Story Project 6: Love and War

    I'm not sure why, but I've lost my motivation to finish my story. It doesn't feel enjoyable now, just a chore I'd rather not do. Sorry, I'm out

  • In CL Short Story Project 6: Love and War

    Struggling a bit, since I have very little experience with love and / or war. Right now I haven't made much progress, as in I've scrapped my story and started again (was half finished)