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99th percentile



Old Username: CloudVariasKira 

Age: 22 / Sex: Male / Status: Single

Sexual Preference: I really <3 ({})

Height: 5'10 / Weight: 224

I'm Cloud, it's nice to meet you! I'm the badass strong untalkitive  type ( in other words, I'm hopelessly shy IRL ), I love all things anime, I draw a little, I like furries, I'm fucking great at beer pong, and the song Kiss it all Better makes me tear up u.u

Right now (even tho working out is a bitch) I'm trying hard to get all musclely so I can look good with some tats, and who knows I might even get my nips pierced, I dunno, a guy can dream.

I enjoy meeting peeps so don't be shy, yeah? Feel free to drop me a line~


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Cloud-VK joined on Jan 14th, 2012, since that has made 837 posts that are still accessible today, 12 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Cloud-VK has given 1457 upvotes, and was last online on Apr 23rd, 2017.

  • Life Changing


    Have any of you guys and gals ever heard something from somebody that changed your life? or maybe how you view yourself? Something that you just can't shake off? Something that haunts you for better or for worse?

    C? I'm willing to bet we've all heard something like this. That's why I'm making this thread, I think it's something we all probably got in common.

    Maybe it was advice? A clever one-liner? Constructive criticism? Perhaps, a really deep insult?

    I just want to know want sorts of things Cl'ers might of heard in their lives that really meant something deep to them~

    1 RULE!

    Use quotations please~ Like your quoting whoever told you whatever it was!

    Oh, and feel free to give background, you don't gotta, but you can.

    This will be fun~

    I'll start~

    "Your just acting out to get attention!" - Phrase truly haunts me, cause I kinda wonder if I do everything just to fuel some lame ass need for attention

    "You look like a serial killer." - Why thanks hun! Best compliment ever! Ex-GF ...5 years ago. She wasn't trying to insult me, guess it's just what she thought at the time. Anyhow several people have told me that since ...sooo. It must be true ; - ;

    "Be unstoppable." - Ok honestly I just happen to read that off the back of a cough drop wrapper a few months ago. But, it's the first thing that goes through my mind each day, when I head out.

    "You want too much, too fast." - Reason I thought of making this thread today! I was making out with a girl today, kinda went wild, anyhow that's the response I got after. Instantly I thought ...that's deep. It was sounded cute from her, but still ...I'll remember that line.

  • In Post what you're listening to.

    Hell yeah

  • In The Undateables

    I thought we had some married people on CL

  • In the Colorless "Craig's LIst" Thread

    O sorry @ccc , I thought you were getting rid of cards or somethin. I don't really have any myself, my b ^^

  • In the Colorless "Craig's LIst" Thread

    Are youa modern player? or looking to ditch some old cards? X3

  • In The Undateables

    I'm not too picky, I can adapt to just ...about anything really. I can live with 99% of the things you guys have listed so far, and I wouldn't be bothered at all. Especially when it comes to piercings X3

    I only got one law I really follow, and that is

    • I'm not into obese people either, I don't mind women who are chubby, but I got my limit.

    That's my one thing.

  • In Make a Cat. (The Sequel)

  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    Yesterday, my brother said I was gonna die from my nose bleeds.

    I've had three since then. Σ(゚д゚lll)

    I'm freaking out!

  • In TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project

    This the only sneak peek y'all getting from me! B-but trust me it's gonna look way different when I'm done!

  • In TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project

    I had to get clever. Remember when I said I was having trouble with drawing on larger sheets of paper? Welp, I thought of a way to get around that~

    I took a rough sketch I was happy with, on a regular ol' piece o' paper

    Slide it into a clear page cover, and traced it with a pen.

    Which I shined light behind to project a larger version onto my big piece o' paper.

    Now it's all coming along pretty well, I got a lot more drawing to do, but I hope begin coloring soon =3