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Waiting for the day doctors tell me I have a terminal illness.

tracy's verse in awful things

hissing fauna, fuck my shit up

??? So I'm gonna ???

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    hopefully soon cause its killing me. thanks

  • In POs inthis theresd when your durnk OK

    drunk is good. sour apple 4loko 4 days yeet

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    pilot jones pilot jones i need u :(

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    She gave me the wrong flavor of frosty, but that's ok. Her job is already hard enough as is. Customer service life :(

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    Month 2/7. Waking up is the worst part

    Fuck this

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    cl, bbq chicken pizza, league, hissing fauna

    2013 my heart aches

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    look like she know why

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    chewed out by an admin at work today,,, yes very good,,

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    Really takes me back to a certain point in life. I’d do it all over again if I could. :(

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    1.5 // 12:27

    I’m crying. I can’t believe I finally did it. Close, but I did it.

    I failed myself. I wish I could have done it when I had the chance. I’d do anything to take it back. I fucked up and I think I would have been above this weird confusing fucking struggle going on in my head lately.

    I know I shouldn’t think of it this way. It only makes it worse. If I try again someday I’m going to make sure I’m ready.

    -SR Najarian / 157