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    My collection is just getting started! As you can see I prefer my women to be uhh au naturel... Look at the fine texture work and shading really bringing this character to life. Oh geeze how did this shot get in there should maybe add a nsfw tag...

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    @mizlilly Personally I found the characters to be very charismatic as well as finding the humor to be really solid throughout. For me It was fun to watch regardless of how the plot developed because i was already so charmed I just enjoyed watching things play out no matter how predictable.

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    Factually DC hasn't said anything untrue but I think the conclusions on what to do with the information are where we differ. If DC had been making claims that were flat out untrue i'd have been more harsh in my critiques of him as a person but instead our disagreements focus more on how we handle the facts of the situation. Personally I don't think we could get eachother to see eye to eye on this but i think its important that we challenge eachothers respective points. As far as truth is concerned thats very difficult and often times will shift with perspective I'd never try to claim there was one truth that governs everything because i'd be wrecked time and time again.

    If i get the oppurtunity to call something masturbatory i'll take it, thats just who i am. My thing is that I don't really think any individual is truly good at determine whether something is being reported on objectively. CNN and Fox might be easy to see where they're being unfair but subtlety and charisma can make it exponentially more difficult to understand when opinions are being placed alongside fact in equal standing.

    In my mind the chart isn't meant to be a quality assurance that whatever you read from these sources is going to be trustworthy. Rather its more of a guideline to see what narratives certain places tend to fall in line with. I don't have it open all the time to check against I just think its handy to help understand the political climate in the press.

    Yeah man i'm pretty indivdualistic but i cant deny that watching people comment on politics is going to color my outlook so i think the only responsible thing to do is to just lay it out there so its all open to criticism and review. As far as Destiny goes there are definitely times when you can tell he's being stubborn or obtuse on certain takes but his community can be very critical of him for it. In debates however i find his reasoning to at least logically follow a to b to c. Hasan is definetly far left (at least in the US) and is in favor of socialism if not outright communism which i don't think is as problematic as other people would try to lead you to believe. The thing i like about hasan though is that he actually makes an effort to understand internet culture and reach out to an audience that would initially be unresponsive to any of his ideas.Its funny that you mention both Destiny and hasan they've been working together recently and while hasan is very much anti capitalism Destiny is very pro capatalism and its interesting listening to them disagree.

    Facts are absolutely objective things like times, dates, places won't change regardless of who reports on it. The thing is Two people can look at the same set of data and draw wildly different conclusions which is why its important to understand to what ends these conclusions are being made, be aware of them, and then be mindful of them while discussing the harder to interpret details regarding an event.

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    @Farris my bad i thought you were genuinely asking not looking for an opportunity to masturbate over how logical you seem to find yourself. The idea that any reasonable person shouldn't need any resource to help discern how non partisan particular sources are is laughable. Especially today where plenty of "reasonable" people are shown to believe and buy into outright lies. "well those people clearly aren't logical like me!"

    Media will always have a slant so getting 20 political analysts of varying opinion to analyze thousands of articles and hundreds of hours of programming to determine if their views were being represented in ways that were more/less skewed is about as objective as one can be when analyzing content such as this. Its even admits how complex this is but goes on to state the rigor and methodology of their study if you want to dive into it and determine how far you want to trust them thats a personal value judgement but from my understanding of the scientific process much of what they're performing seems consistent with the objective of finding objectivity.

    As for your questions I dont think they ever reveal what analysts they have ranking each piece of media which i didn't expect them to if thats a problem for you again thats a personal value judgment.

    "The overall source ranking is a result of a weighted average, algorithmic translation of article raw scores". How things are scored and what goes into weighing them are transparent so if you want to take a moment to see of the factors that go into a score what weighs them the information is available on the page.

    "Note that the ranking here includes whether something is “presented as” fact, analysis, etc. This Expression scale focuses on the syntax and intent of the sentence, but not necessarily the absolute veracity. For example, a sentence could be presented as a fact but may be completely false or completely true. It wouldn’t be accurate to characterize a false statement, presented as fact, as an “opinion.” A sentence presented as opinion is one that provides a strong conclusion" So again the answer to your question is freely provided a fact is defined as the gradeschool definition of fact which is just an objective and provable statement (true or false).

    I think a resource like this is helpful cause i dont have the time or resources to pour over thousands of articles or tv programs to determine how often a certain outlet speaks with objectivity as i would imagine is the same for literally everyone else. So news is something that pops out often whether it be on social media like reddit, twitter, facebook, or just hitting news on your google homepage Resources like the one i provided help offer clarity when clicking on breaking news links to understand where a source generally comes from and how it affects the reporting.

    Onto the amateurs!

    So all the questions you asked are of course things to be aware of but there is a reason why i kept them separate from what i consider to be objective news sources. The people I watch are obviously biased and have strong opinions. There is nothing wrong with opinions as long as you're aware of the fact. I know i have biases and my world views are skewed by all sorts of things as are the people i watch. I also know that everyone has things theyre completely unaware of making them biased and skweing their opinions there is no such thing as a completely objective person nor should we expect it.

    As far as who i watch off the top of my head: Contrapoints, Hbomberguy, Shaun, Three arrows, Some More News, Destiny, Hasan Piker (not TYT) and i'm sure i'm forgetting some. All of them are left leaning in their analysis and opinions.

    What i do is find whatever theyre talking about in objective as a source as possible and then watch some of these guys to hear their take on it.So the equation goes News sources+initial reaction+analysis from people i find entertaining= personal conclusion. Is it perfectly objective? no but noone is expected to have perfectly objective outlooks on life.

    "I make up my own mind, based on what evidence I see, what's logical, and make a boundary between "what is true" and "what we can't know for sure". Should i get you some tissues for how hard you just jerked yourself off?

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    This is unironically a fairly good chart to check against in order to understand the slants and angles that certain news sites will have. Thats not to say that articles from lower down or farther to the ends are wrong just that you should understand they'll be some spin on their coverage. Its also fair to say that articles from higher up and in the center wont always be perfect either so its good to always be critical. That being said i do like the associated press for coverage and then arguing about things online because no matter what we as individuals will always have bias so its good to hash things out.

    As far as discussion around things that wouldn't normally be considered news such as sjws and internet culture i follow various youtube channels and communities around them. This is hugely important though, no matter how entertaining/ well thought out someone may seem theyre amateurs on the internet so while hearing their perspective can be helpful always be mindful that you arent just soaking everything up as gospel.

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    Oh so you stamping out any discussion about all of the other motivations of this guy, and the rhetoric he used with the excuse of "but-but-but guys, its just what he wanted guys dont fall for it!!" is talking about it? Truly you've been a facilitator of discussion and nuance from the very beginning!

    By the way pointing out the increasingly xenophobic rhetoric and the places where he learned them isn't discussion its vilification, may our thoughts and prayers go to the real victims here; the online, and increasingly more mainstream medias that helped spread these ideas. It's not as though the radicalization of the far right is the source of the fastest growing and most violent terrorism in the US (it is) and that their rhetoric (the extremist right) has gotten increasingly more extreme and has been for years. Sorry pointing that out is simply so purple haired college students can say they're better than them and not at all indicative of any other problems whats so ever.

    The united states is so dumb guys! trying to blame violence on video games and the gamer gates! The dang anti free speech leftys in california are trying censor everybody! by the way i'm not informed of the social climate in other countries via youtube and twitter reactionaries :)

    Also its not as though the anti-feminist rhetoric around gamer gate lead directly to anti-left wing rhetoric and youre certainly not a living breathing example of it; thats a completely unfounded claim! Lets take a break rail against the left wing media and how nutty they are lol xd! It's not as though watching a few anti-sjw videos on youtube puts you on the fast track to recieving more and more extreme content from the likes of people claiming white genocide and other xenophobic claims! By the way the left deplatforms everybody and all of this literal nazi propaganda isn't entirely prolific on social media and easy to find!

    Most importantly of all none of this is constructive discourse because people talking about it on a forum online should immediately be derailed into a conversation about how the media is really bad.

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    @DarkChaplain Imagine being too afraid to talk about motivations and culture that inspired this attack, attacks in the past, and no doubt attacks in the future and thinking that was standing up to terrorism. Imagine reading that 60 page manifesto and using the fear of acceleration as an excuse to stamp out any discussion about all of his other motivations and inspirations. Imagine being the hypocrite who still said "The left-wing media is already using this tragedy to further their goals of deplatforming people they don't agree with" and unironically thinking you aren't part of the problem of the "already highly tense situation in the socio-political landscape."

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    Woah easy you don't want to trigger anymore leftist violence!

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    Maybe you could make the argument that Kirn was simply trying to expose the hypocrisy of the west when it comes to civilian casualties. Truly when any amount of innocent people die at the hands of our foriegn policy (largely the US) we don't really pay attention or care all that much but when it happens in our borders no matter how many people die its a tragedy. The thing is the more you look at the comment "tl;dr I mean, it's just 49 people" the more i'm inclined to believe that it was a vapid response not really worth paying attention to.

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    Don't forget the hottest take of all from a big wrinkled brain australian senator if Muslims didnt want to get shot in new zealand they simply shouldn't have existed in new zealand. Also lets just ignore the fact that this wasn't an act of terrorism but rather an act of "vigilantism" because murdering scores of innocent people based solely on their ethnic background is simply taking the law into their own hands.Truly this is all the left wing medias fault guys!