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  • In New Zealand Shooting: Christchurch Mosque Attack

    The left wing media is the real evil here! We cant just stand around while the SJW's take away more and more of our freedoms and free speech! Being banned on twitter and youtube thats pretty much hate crime and a massive assault on my constitutional rights where I'm from! Truly both sides are the same and getting more extreme at equal rates so lets not point fingers in any direction at all. Its not like the manifesto was half memes meant to speak exclusively to tickle and excite groups that already largely agree with him on places where he is currently being hailed a hero.

    Let's just ignore how anti-sjw content leads almost directly into more anti-left content and extreme right content. Soon race realism and the threat of the white replacement become more reasonable than the idea that maybe Pewds has been somewhat irresponsible with the types of content hes platformed on the largest youtube channel in the world. No Pewdiepie isn't racist, yes traditional media doesn't quite understand internet culture, but the truth is the anti left/anti-media reaction to Pewds is awful convenient for certain more radical groups with certain political beliefs. Don't take it from me though visit any pol board on any chan and see how much they love any of the shitstorms surrounding pewdiepie.

  • In Criticize the user

    I was just trying to have some fun with my good buddies on the CL but everyone goes way too hard on me I WISH I WERE NEVER BORN

  • In Criticize the user

    @Rebel? more like follows the rules i dont think this guy has revolted against anything in his life! I remember this guy with his red speech bubble talking abou everything but seizing the means frankly i guess i'm just calling him a poser >:).

  • In Criticize the user

    The real criticism of ecstasy is that they're so damn forgettable its more fun to just keep picking on DC

  • In Criticize the user

    @DarkChaplain this has to be the only time you've ever mentioned me in all the years that we've coexisted on this site. Where to begin to express my feelings; shocked, horrified, but most off all hurt.

  • In Criticize the user

    @BakaHime @EvoRulz I was trying to ignore this hoping some upstanding mod would take it down but instead i find it being encouraged. This RACIST and untrue SLANDER is not in the spirit of good fun; i cant believe someone would go this far in a simple forum game.

  • In Criticize the user

    Is a sheep who will watch any anime recommended to her even if its clearly for the oldest of farts. Also as I've looked at the front page i'm fairly certain she's making all these threads as a desperate cry for attention. Please just let the site die like everyone else.

  • In Underrated Anime Series: Series that you thought didn't get enough credit

    That makes me happy i used to recomend it a lot whenever anime comes up but i'm sure a lot of the other weebs on this site could have brought it up.

    The secret to hinamatsuri is that it is the single most wholesome viewing experience i've ever enjoyed while at the same time being properly funny. It opens with what seems to be a generic anime plot, that quickly turns into a slice of life that has literally made me cry and laugh out loud within the same 21 minute episode.

  • In Underrated Anime Series: Series that you thought didn't get enough credit

    Hinamatsuri is loved by everyone who watches it but not enough people have watched it also someone else said planetes and i second that i have the full manga set too its dank as heck

  • In Hey Guys! Apparently We're All Going to Jail :D

    I'm sorry boys I had to be up at 5am that day and thought i'd see what cl has to offer and when i saw that thread title i had to click it. Thought it was silly and did what i always do without even looking at the dates of the last posts, my bad. If any mod wants to delete my post and every post after its probably for the best, however I am still very tickled by my post.