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    Is it just me or does it use too much emotional energy to pair off and still remain a good other half?

    I've felt that way as well so you're definitely not alone. But I'd like to think it's because I wasn't in the right place at that time. Too many things going on and I barely had the energy to deal with myself. I mean, that's not really an optimal time to bring someone else into your life.

    So hey, maybe there's nothing wrong with us personally. It's might just be the circumstances

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    5 in 2-3 years though! But I kinda get it? It's difficult going from being in a relationship to being single. You're not necessarily feeling lonely but certain things are just missing? Cue the rebound(s).

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    I'm doing quite alright if anyone was wondering

  • Tell me about your dating life

    It's October.

    The weather's getting colder and thus people are retreating to the warmth and safety of their homes. Suddenly your favorite pubs aren't jam-packed and the club events are getting fewer and farther apart. But most noticeably, everyone suddenly seem to have a beau to curl up with in the cold. It's cuffing season and boy, whoever first said spring is the season of love clearly hadn't lived through a '10s fall.

    Are you currently seeing anyone? Multiple ones? A Singular one? Tell me everything.

    What channels do you utilize in your personal quest to find ~the one~/someone to warm your bed/a summer (or fall!) fling? Is swiping away on tinder your thing or are you more old school? Or maybe you're happily single and not actively searching. That's cool too.

    How has your dating life been? Whether it has resulted in a string of exes, few but long relationships or been non-existent I want to know.

    Happy cuffing season ♥

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    Blake Griffin can, like, get it

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    @Farris @DarkChaplain

    And I'm still being bullied on the interwebs </3

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    hey buddy. thx for listening to all of my teenage angst back in the days. you rock

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    bring me BACK to this golden age

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    Totally underrated show </3