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99th percentile

DictatorHilton joined on Jun 20th, 2011, since that has made 162 posts that are still accessible today, 1 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, DictatorHilton has given 235 upvotes, and was last online on Jan 20th, 2020.

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    Ding dong CL is dead! But you guys are lucky because I’m still alive and kicking <3

    9 good years, can you believe? I came here young, full of love and ready to take on the world. But where am I today? Somewhat more grown and still full of love for this world. The childlike Hermione-esque arrogance of my youth blossomed into outright hubris. I’m a star. It’s lit, fam.

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  • In What countries have you visited?


    didn't have falafel there :((

  • In What countries have you visited?

    Germany - best falafel

    UK - mediocre falafel

    Turkey - no falafel

    Finland - there's nothing to see

    France - take me back

    Norway - okay

    i want to travel more but i'm poor please help

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    Registered myself as a full organ donor (organs, eyelids, cornea, etc.) a while back i case I die in some freak accident. It came up when I spoke to my sister and she got upset because she felt it was unfair to our parents who've told us that they'd never agree to mutilating our dead bodies. She said that it'll inflict unnecessary trauma to have doctors asking them to consent to picking off my eyelids. Now I feel inconsiderate af and am considering changing to partial donor (just internal organs). Kinda sucks though because I'll be dead and don't really care for what they take in order to help someone else

  • In Are you ever going to get married?

    If life takes me there then sure. If I find someone that I genuinely want to spend my life with I see myself wanting kids in the picture too, eventually. And even though our cohabitation laws are pretty solid there's way less paperwork involved if you're actually married. All I want then is to have my family and friends present, a nice venue but most importantly good catering

  • In Drugs and using them

    I'm not about to find out whether I actually have an addictive personality or not so I've stayed clear of drugs. I drink less than my peers and cigarettes/snus* (Swedish dipping tobacco in pouches) don't appeal to me but I've tried and subsequently died because tobacco is bad.

    *illegal in the whole EU except here so if you want me to hook you up lmk

  • In I saw my ex today

    A year or so ago maybe? We said hi, talked about what we were up to these days and did the whole ”we should hang out sometime!”-thing. Very casual but we parted on good terms so that wasn’t too unexpected

  • In The Flat Earth Society

    I love this theory. Out of all the things the lizard people who run this place could lie about why would it be the shape of our planet

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    This absolute piece of trash is never online when I am. How dare you