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Husband, father, anime watcher, video game player, manga reader, sarcastic, comedic son of a beep is the best way to describe me. I try not to offend and if i do then let me know by all means cuz I am respectful enough to own up to my mistakes.

I hope to make plenty of friends and good memories while im here.

DunnDolo joined on Feb 14th, 2016, since that has made 20 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, DunnDolo has given 21 upvotes, and was last online on Feb 24th, 2016.

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    Drivers Crash

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  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    Im thinking about how my oldest son better not be using up all the free space on my Xbox one hardrive with all the games he says "sucks" but he doesn't uninstall. -_-

  • In The Birthdays Calendar!

    My Bday is September 11th. :(

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    Symboled Letter

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    Victim lied

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Multiplaying my butt off right now since i got an xbox one for christmas.

    For xbox one im playing:

    Destiny, The adventures of van hellsing, Gears of war 2, judgement & ultimate, The Evil Within, and Smite

    For 3DS XL im playing:

    Monster Hunter 4, Pokemone Alpha sapphire (even though i hate pokemon), Shin Megami Tensei 4, Shovel Knight, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

    For my regular DS im playing:

    Phoenix Wright, Castlevania Order of Ecclesia, Portrait of Ruin, Dawn of Sorrow, and Radiant Historia

    Whew that was along list. As you can see i like to multiplay. LOL

  • In Daily Venting Thread

    Playing video games today. Random idiots who go online and harass people are pure douchbags. You talk shit online only cuz you arent face to face with the person you talking shit to. Arghhhhh that pissed me off so much.

  • In IRL Picture Thread

    Hi guys! I just joined so i figure i would let everybody know how i look when im out robbin people.

    (Actually its cold as hell in philly so i have to bundle like this on a daily basis)
  • In New User Introduction Thread

    Sup guys. Im DunnDolo (pronounced "done" not "dune") and I was looking for a new site to chillax on since the other anime site I was on died when new owners bought it and didnt know what the hell they were doing sobs

    Anyways i explained everything you need to know about me in my profile and its too long to repeat lolz.

    Im just looking to have fun, joke around and have some good discussions, so hopefully i can meet some good companions up here. Thanks for having me.